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Hello WAers! I just wanted to share how you can avoid people duplicating your contents. Many of us know that duplicate content sucks. It can even have a negative impact on your ranking. There are some folks who are just lazy, they copy articles from any website they want. Here are some of the problems you can have with duplicate contents. ·Search engine might not know which one to rank for search results. ·It becomes a problem for search engine to know which version to include o
I know you are curious about getting more traffic; me too. I decided to share this hint with my fellow WAers. There are over 1 billion monthly searches on youtube; the question is if you are taking advantage of this. Aside the traffic you can gain from youtube, videos are good ways to reduce bounce rate, this will increase your google rankings. It doesnt have to be a youtube video though but if you need extra traffic, then give youtube a trial. Youtube keyword tool is awesome; the disadvantage
February 28, 2014
With great joy; i wish to announce to WA community that i made my first sale, amazon just sent me an email, and i checked my account balance, i found out that i made my first $1,62 cents. It may be small but i cherish it more than anything, it shows that i am on the right track. I promised to blog about my first sale, even it is just a cent. Am am more than excited. Thanks to Kyle and Carson, Jay, my lovely mama Julie, Craig and everyone, i cant mention all your names. Thanks for the help all t
February 17, 2014
When is my most productive time? This was one question unanswered and unattended to for some time now; i know i have one but i didn't bother to figure it out. This may be the same for you. It is true that there are different ways of writing articles, we all are gifted differently. Some people write their article, leave it for some time and later come back to polish it, some just shoot for 700 words at a count but do the question above come to our mind? (when is my most productive time?). I woke
January 02, 2014
I entered WA on the 11th of December 2013, i got scammed before coming to wealthy affiliate. When i came into WA, i forgot those memories. I have always had the passion to learn. I saw there was allot to learn here at WA, i decided to make sure i finish the course with the fire that was burning in my heart to set up my business. Today is a remarkable day in my life, money is not the only achievement in life, but i can say in less than one month, i went through the four courses, set up my websit
December 25, 2013
Please folks, i need your help, i need ex-smokers to comment on my webpage, this will help me alot. please read what is on the webpage before commenting, tell what helped you stopped smoking, how you made it through. Thanks for your anticipated coperation. Merry xmas. From Kelly.
December 20, 2013
I started as a novice, knew nothing about how this work, but i had the zeal to learn. My progress so far has been amazing, its 9 days now that i have been a member of WA, am happy to be here, the atmosphere is oxygenous, people here are friendly. Thanks to kyle and carson and all members of WA making this project a reality. So far i have learnt alot, i have learnt: Keyword, niche and market research, everything wordpress, authoring and writing contents, search engine optimisation, low hanging f