Decided to Stay!

Last Update: April 13, 2017

In the first two active weeks the time flew by, and I would have liked to thank each of you who invited me to follow in a way that reflected what I could see in your profiles. It was overwhelming, my wording could have been better, but now there is more time to read in earnest - that is one of the things I'll do a lot.

The sincerity of the people in this community is encouraging. Quite a few of the milieus where I've been till now seem rather stale, and here at WA it instantly felt like home. Subtleties of languages and their traps can be a challenge for us non-natives, but I'm focused and know more or less the direction to go, having some experience from the 'Net already. A new route it is, to enjoy. I'm in for the long haul, but take one step at a time.

I discovered WA through reading reviews, and it is not easy to find other than positive statements about this place. Considering how long it has existed: WA is genuine and about Quality - such interaction and much to learn, amazingly so. WA is real and convincing, yielding motivation and inspiration. Also on the personal level - it's a good thing that we can learn from each other. I look forward to this journey, which we all share.

Potentials will be discovered through finding the best ways, and a fledgling bird may even be surprised itself that it can fly.

Jan P. :)

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JIllW Premium
Welcome i am glad you stayed it can be a challenge to stay focused and it is one step at a time.
viyee Premium
You have made the great decision. Welcome to WA. All the best to you and enjoy the journey!
mickeyb123 Premium
It's good to see we have your company for a while longer!

Let us know what we can do for you and let's build that first website together.

Milfrogdred7 Premium
I'm happy you decided to stay. I loved being here, being able to learn while working. If only a real life working environment existed with earnest help and learning.
There are so much traps out there to fall into I agree, sadly I have fallen for some, but we learn from our mistakes.
Fledgling birds are truly scared at first when learning to fly, but they soon realize in order to survive they must fly.
I wish you to succeed in all the goals you have set before you.
XDanTheManX Premium
Nice Jan, glad A well...