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Hey Everyone! So I just got done reading a friend of mines post on here and if your following him too you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.To sum it up, a lot of new people come into this and have certain expectations. There are a lot of certain questions being asked over and over again. If you are new here, and are curious about some things and might be thinking about some of the usual questions that get's asked. for instance "I have to purchase my dot com domain?" or "I've been here a w
August 28, 2016
Hey Everyone! So I've been here for 2 months exactly today! I've been following everything I've learned and am still learning as I go because we are never done learning and evolving as we continue our online journey. I will say that I don't really blog a whole lot on here, only because I've been focusing A LOT on my website and pushing to get closer to my vision and success. Once I start making a good amount of revenue and feel like I have a lot more to offer I'll start blogging more. I'm also
August 16, 2016
Hey Everyone! So I have my emails setup to let me know anytime someone that I am following puts up a new blog so I can keep track and I wish I could read them all but if I see something I'm curious about I'll read it. Anyway, one of them was titled "due for a blog" and then it hit me. Holy Crap, I'm due for a blog!! LolSo I've been here for about just over a month and a half. I have my one niche website that I've been focusing all m
I have a category that is designated to item reviews. But I don't want any of the item review posts to come up on my latest posts list that I have on my front page. I feel like since I will be making so many reviews soon it'll clog up my latest posts section, and take away the focus on the interesting posts having to do with general news ect.. Is there a way to do that? or should I just let all my reviews show up on the latest posts anyway? Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you :)~Nicholas
Hey Everyone, So I decided to create a Facebook page designated towards my Website. I was unsure for a while if I should create a group, or a page. So I just decided to at least get a page started and then after talking to more people decide if it's beneficial to create a group also. Anyway, Please check out my page and let me know what you all think.I've realized that besides adding and making sure you have quality content on your website, it's extremely important to do what needs to be done o
Hey everybody, So I joined Wealthy Affiliate 1 day short of 3 weeks ago on June 21, 2016, And upgraded to Premium 2 weeks ago exactly. So far, I've really been enjoying this journey. I've actually been spending so much time on here that instead of forcing myself to come on and get some work done, I have to force myself to get off and do the other things in life we have to do. Like Sleep, Lol... I've had in the last 2 weeks 5 days where I stayed up all night working on my website and/or learning
Hey everyone, I'm currently having some issues getting google analytics to work. Both the plugin and the google analytics website. Does anyone know what im doing wrong? The website isn't showing any visitors and I know that's wrong. And the plugin keeps saying to deactivate and activate again, but when I do it just keeps repeating itself. Can someone please help.
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Hey everyone, So I have now been on wealthy affiliate for just over 2 weeks. I've got my website almost exactly how I want it except for slight changes every now and then. As everyone knows here your never truly "finished" with your website. It's an ongoing project because you'll always be adding more posts, blogs, content, ect... But I can now focus more on promoting my site. I have everything on my site health at 100% except for the site trust, which is expected because of
So let's see, I would like to share with everyone the progress so far. Well, so far in the last 9 days i read and watched almost all the main courses available through premium. I began my siterubix website and then purchases my own domain the same day I upgraded and I upgraded about 6 and a half days after I began so I could get the $19 deal. I have been putting a lot of time and effort into making my site as best as I can. so far my website's health is 100% content & quality, 100% plug-ins
June 27, 2016
Hey everybody, I am so excited to finally upgrade to premium with literally 9 hours left until I lost the 59% discount. I had so much fun, learned so much, and am very satisfied with my website so far that I'm beyond excited to upgrade to premium and learn much much more. I hope everyone's having a great day here at WA, and I want to thank every member here at wealthy affiliate. You all inspire me to better myself and my future.Take care everyone,Nicholas W.M.