When I start asking myself why, I will read this.

Last Update: September 16, 2018

So after a lot of research, tonnes of thinking, hours of soul searching and making a pain of myself on here by asking about a million questions, I finally decided to go premium!

So that's it now, no going back, time to work. Having done the starter training, I'm under no illuson as to how much this is going to take. I was one of those that heard about making money online, believed the hype that some other sites put out there and thought this was going to be an easy win. Now I realise It's going to be hard work and it's going to take time. The truth is I am scared..... what if I put all the work into it and fail? why oh why have I decided to do this?what if it all comes to nothing?

But this can never come to nothing. I was drawn here intially to make money, but the core of that motivation is to be able to give something of value to my son, if nothing else, that 'something' will be a lesson in determination, in taking a chance for the better, in going for the future with 100%, in facing your fears and not being scared of failure in the pursuit of success.

If I can teach him that, the why will be answered a million times over.

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allancurtis Premium
Congratulations Nina, it is a good decision to go Premium .. the extra resources are well worth the cost. In an earlier post you asked about competing with Amazon .. you can not really compete on product selection or price .. the only thing you can offer is service! Focus on service and providing value to your audience ... it will attract the kind of people who want to learn and be a part of your online world. Those only looking for a bargain are more likely to by-pass you and go direct to Amazon ... don't waste your time on them .. focus on your community and build relationships.
MKearns Premium
That beautiful field of lupine should give you a cooling view Nina!