Why i joined Wealthy affiliate

Last Update: May 04, 2020

I had joined a mastery class with someone on affiliate marketing.

Name I don't want to disclose.

In the beginning it was very nice I got motivated I set my goals as guide by them and then I joined the Facebook community.

Invested more than 7 to 8 hours everyday listening to the modules.

i did my research for my niche.

I got the niche short listed and also the keywords.

now the final part to get a domain name and start my website.

I was about to register my domain name.

something clicked into my mind how will I build my website?

there was complete lesson on buiding a website but if I got stuck who will answer my questions.

I thought of Facebook community but there was no communication there.

all my motivation came down and was completely lost and confused.

I motivated myself again and I continued taking lesson mean while I started searching for affiliate in google where I stumbled upon article wrote by Rina.

I came to WA website and started as starter.

I was not sure whether I will upgrade to premium. I looked in to the lessons. I found that they were simple and anybody can understand it.

I was not convinced yet about upgrading to premium because I had burnt my fingers some where else so I was cautious.

Now finally I had to take decission of upgrading to premium.

Main reasons I upgraded to premium was I had entire WA real community with helping hands and for advice.

I mean Real because they are real people not robots.

you ask questions and you get answers from the community.

They are all here to take me to my goals and they will make sure that I will achieve it sooner or later.

Taking this opportunity I want to Thank Rina for making this happen.

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HildeRegine Premium Plus
Great Story! Glad you joined!
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Great decision and thankfully you did your research :-)
MElumir Premium
Congratulations buddy, you are in the right track. Keep following your task, you will come to the point of success.
Hamish58 Premium
Nice post and yes you are among friends and supporters Nilesh, good luck 🧐
lucbizz Premium
Welcome to WA! Wish you all the best here with us in your journey towards success :-)