Surfing the wave

Last Update: August 30, 2015

Ever find yourself down in a lull after having just had the most amazing up-experience?

For example, I started this online training at WA about 2 weeks ago and creating my first website via WA was soooo invigorating. The reward at seeing the progress I made each and every day as I followed the steps diligently in that initial FREE training was fantastic.

Basic law of the universe - what goes up must come down

But, I also had some dead patches. And so there will be more dead patches to come.

Each time I reached a WOW moment, I also realized that there is so much more to do still to get to the place where I can actually earn an income from my website. And so much more money to spend, more time to invest, more sweating to do, more levels to conquer on the road to getting my online business going.

The more I know, the more I know that I don't know. If ignorance is bliss, then knowledge is the opposite of that, indeed.

Ever tried surfing - with a surf board in the actual wet, tactile, real ocean? Each time you catch a wave and have a heck of a cool stoking ride, you also have to fall off again and go back out, hanging, waiting, in the lull. Waiting for the next wave. Creating the next wave, as it were . . .

Point is, it is normal to have "on" days, and it is normal to have "off" days.

Some days I am inspired, and some days not. It is the natural cycle of nature, and as a creative being I am tuned into creation, which means I am part of the natural cycle. It is impossible to always be on top of the wave because the wave (energy, nature) ebbs and flows, ups and downs all the time.

You cannot experience breakthroughs without having experience of breakdowns.

Enjoy both :)

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