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July 13, 2022
The other day I was feeling a little discouraged. I'm several months in and haven't broken the barrier yet to earning any money. I'm very happy with my content. My traffic is growing. I have a great niche. I love the layout of my website. But things haven't been indexing well at all lately. I'm not quitting!! And no where near giving up!!! That's NOT an option. But I needed to refocus on more than just where I want to be with things. So I decided to sit down and go through the training
You are beautifully unique! No one else is just like you. And not everyone gets the same version of you. Someone you just met is not going to get the same version of you as someone you've known for 20 years. But every person you meet influences who you are.It takes time to build trust, to have faith, to feel comfortable enough to share inner secrets with our ask for help, and to trust they will guide you in the right direction. That person who leads you down the wrong path lessens your inner
June 27, 2022
Happy Monday my fellow Wealthy Affiliates!! Life is a long winding road, filled with curves, pot holes, speed limits, tickets, stop lights, etc. All things that slow your progress. All of these are necessary however for us to move forward.If things were always easy we would never learn anything. The challenge is part of the process. Some overcome the obstacles quicker than others, but it's ok, the journey is different for everyone. Every single person you meet is dealing with something you
June 05, 2022
Good afternoon Wealthy Affiliates! I hope everyone has had a blessed weekend!My inspiration today is this:"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't."I'm not sure who said it, but it does inspire me. To remember that you have something to learn from everyone! You never "fully" complete training. There's always more to learn. Even if it's just to learn a different perspective or a different way of thinking to help you accomplish a task. There is very rarely going to be a true CA
May 21, 2022
So I'm doing my 3rd Sunrise hike this morning. (If you've never done one then I highly recommend you do!!). It's made me think a lot about my journey here at Wealthy Affiliate. When you start, it's dark, you have a tiny light to help you see you way. There are others going, mostly strangers, maybe a face you know. And you have the gear you need to make the journey. You walk the path provided, ascending up the mountain at a manageable pace. You can hear the streams, the waterfalls, even som
May 04, 2022
I signed up December 2021, but didn't decide on my niche until January 2022. After the initial build of my site and I started creating content, my motivation changed. I felt like I was treading water and not moving forward, but I was actually making progress the entire time. Since the beginning, I've kept track of everything. Some things checking daily, others weekly, and some monthly. But progress is progress!! Some days I feel like I'm running a marathon with progress, and others a slow
So I had a thought a few days ago...This community is amazing! Full of extremely knowledgable people in an extremely wide variety of topics. All striving to provide amazing content that not only ranks but is connected to some of the best products on the market!! We strive to lift each other up, help each other out when we need it, and give supportive comments and feedback often. How can we do a little more? thought was...I'm extremely knowledgeable in the Veterinary Field with a va
April 21, 2022
So excited to still be on this journey. Some days I can't make myself stop working on content, some days I make myself feel overwhelmed because of how much I still want to do and accomplish. Trying to remind myself daily that patience and persistence are key!! Since sharing some of my posts on social media and finally feeling like my website is ready, my daily clicks have been increasing! So exciting to see a higher number every other day or so. I've only lit a match, the fire is about to sp
April 06, 2022
Putting my prints in the sand! Finally sharing my website with the world :). Nervous and excited at the same time. Loving this journey. Learning new things along the way and sharing what I already know through content. Wish I'd known about this year's ago. No profit yet, but I don't even care because I'm enjoying each step. The money will come. With persistence and determination. Good luck to everyone on this journey with me!!
February 22, 2022
Hello there!! I started this new adventure about 6 weeks ago and really started putting the work into my training about 3 weeks ago. The first few weeks I honestly kept doubting if I could even do this and I also struggled with what niche I should pursue. Once I realized my perfect niche should've been obvious the whole time, I planted my feet, pushed forward despite my doubts, and my pace is getting faster and I'm getting more confident with my content and methods every day. Still very far