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I've not been very productive of late. I think some of that's down to the Coronavirus Blues and every day being exactly the same with nothing to separate one day from another. I've woken up some days and not known what day it was. There have been times I didn't even care because what difference does it make? I've always been a loner. Maybe it has something to do with being an only child and having to be very self-reliant. I live alone by choice. I like my space and can only socialize with frien
It's taken quite some time, but I'm finally ranking in the #1 spot on Google for one of my keywords. And the post also happens to be a product review.I've several keywords now ranking on page 1 of Google in positions 6 to 10 and trying to nudge them higher is also taking time. But, with my new #1 ranking, I know I can get those other keywords up there too. Here's the review itself. It's a tool I use on most of my sites and you can see it in action on the above post and all other posts on the si
It'll be interesting to see how the Coronavirus affects the online gig and affiliate marketing economy.Here in Republic of Ireland, we're heading towards the lockdown route to controlling the spread of the virus.Ireland Is Going Into LockdownAlready, all the schools and creches have been closed until March 29th and the St. Patrick's Day Parades have been cancelled. There's panic buying in the shops with many shelves now empty of products. This despite the fact there's no disruption to the food
What's the purpose of your blog?Is it to ultimately drive visitors to your affiliate links while still providing valuable information?And those affiliate links - do they simply go straight to the sales pages for whatever you're promoting?If so, then you are throwing away money. By sending people direct to sales pages, yes they may buy.But then again, they may not. And if there happens to be a page that can collect email addresses on the other end of your affiliate link, you've just handed that
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I've spent the last couple of weeks building out a new site that's focused entirely on providing information about sales funnels.'ve had articles on this topic spread across several websites, but now everything will be concentrated in one central source of info.The use of sales funnels has been rising in popularity in the last year, especially among affiliate marketers. Effectively, they're about getting the most bang for you buck out of site/page vistitors and
It's hard to miss Black friday with all the hoopla that goes on at this time of year. We also get to promote the best deal available for Wealthy Affiliate.I've spent a bit of time compiling a list of products, services, tools and courses that should be of interest to affiliate marketers. These are the categories that deals are available in: ♦️ Black Friday Competition ♦️ Page Builders / Site Builders ♦️ Courses & Training ♦️
October 11, 2019
The title of this post might seem strange given that if you're a member here at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), you've already found great mentors in both Kyle and Carson.But, if you're not a member, and you're reading this, you might still be looking for that course or training that will fit with your needs.A common way some "gurus" advertise themselves as people to follow is by flashing images of their supercars and the hot girls that surround them, all in front of the big mansion they've bought with
September 19, 2019
Getting Back To The WA CommunityIt's been a while since I contributed much of anything here at WA! And my last WA blog post was back in January! My Rank dropped from 200-something to 2,853. Cough.While I've been writing this post, I've answered a couple of questions and got my rank up to 2,854. Still a ways to go to get back where I was.If you followed me here at WA and I haven't followed you back, I will be in the coming days.My previous post was about building a passive income business around
I love affiliate marketing but I don't want to rely on what I call "drive-by shoppers" to buy the odd thing from my site if they happen by. If my site ever tanks, so does my income. Many of us here rely on getting good ranking in Google and the organic traffic it generates to give us some income. However, I know what it's like when you have a successful site, Google changes the rules, and that then kills your site.As an example, back in 2012 (long berfore I joined WA) I had a site in the photog
Yesterday I discovered that one of my blogs (not a WA blog) had been hacked. I use a range of security plugins on my non-WA sites to beef up security. Traffic is also passed through Coudflare which provides yet another security layer. Yet, despite all this, my blog got hacked. Why am I posting about a non-WA blog here?Because the hack came through a plugin many of us here are probably using on our WA blogs - the WP GDPR Compliance plugin. As you probably know, certain privacy and data protecti