Back after a busy time

Last Update: October 25, 2019

After such a long period of time (personal issues, sabbatical, life and more), I am starting to get back in the groove here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Simplifying my digital world too - am moving all my sites and domains from Bluehost, Namescheap and GoDaddy - all to my WA account. Figured that it's just so much more convenient to have them all hosted and managed from ONE single platform rather than being all over the place.

The sites will take some time, but I've hired a VA to help me port them over to minimize time, and this will help me focus and get things moving.

I have simpler and more realistic goals for my online business and publishing too - looking forward to connecting with you all, and let's end 2019 well =)

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Joes946 Premium
Simple and realistic are great goals! They are achievable and that’s what it’s all about. Welcome back and keep us posted.
megawinner Premium
Welcome back, Nigel. I wish you greater success and amazing achievements ahead!
DarrenNicola Premium
Welcome back, Nigel and we wish you all the best with your return to the fold.
Al the best
Darren :)
nigelchua Premium Plus
Thanks Darren! Much to do =D
CMKetay Premium
Good to have you back! Looking forward to following your adventures. Have a wonderful weekend!

nigelchua Premium Plus
Thanks! You too =D