You Can Succeed With Wealthy Affiliate If You Want To

Last Update: August 22, 2015

I wanted to write this blog for the people that are doubting themselves, for the people that think they can't create an income online because it's not happening on their time yet. I want everybody to know that if you want to succeed, you can succeed with Wealthy Affiliate if you want to. Many people tend to judge themselves as how they were treated in the past. Perhaps they still are allowing people to treat them as worthless. Why? We are all worthy, beautiful, and gifted in something. Yes, some people are talented in many things, maybe they have great self discipline. Maybe they were raised in a family that helped them focus on them talents they have.

Not everybody is going to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your online business, not everybody gets it or agrees with it. Some people think there is no other way to create an income except for working for someone at a 9 to 5 job. Of course there is another way you just need to get off your butt, do some research and learning and believe in yourself. You can do it!

Everybody is here for a purpose, they just need to pray about what God's plan is and they will soon be on their way to succeeding. If your parents were really hard on you and maybe still are just pray that you want to see what God sees in them. This will help you look past all the negative things they may had done to you or said to you although, it may be very difficult. Just keep praying about this. If you meditate on all the negative things all of the time you will be acting bitter, edgy and negative. People will be able to see through you, and the words you speak will show what's in your heart.

Don't allow people's bad spirits to get inside of you. Them bad spirits are the enemy, not God. My point is that no matter how low you may feel, how sad, or worthless, you need to realize that those feelings are not real. They may feel real but they are not the truth. The truth is you are a child of God and you are worthy! You are gifted and need to start lifting your head up high and stop listening to any negatives thoughts that may pop in your head. When a negative thought pops in your head try speaking out loud that you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are a child of God! You are worthy! So, remember whenever you are feeling discouraged, start reading some affirmations, praying or listening to some positive music to get out of that negativity, start being motivated, get busy and know that you can succeed with Wealthy Affiliate if you want to, it's all up to what efforts you can put into it.

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Nicole
Enjoyed reading your post, true words indeed. There is a lot of noise in everyones life toady . So it is good come across some really good advice. Thankyou for sharing .
Nicole14 Premium
Thank you Alexander! I am happy you enjoyed!