Never Give Up!

Last Update: June 04, 2015

I thought I would write about something I find very important when trying to earn money online. It is crucial that you put some effort into the business you want to build as well as setting goals. Setting goals and putting them on paper really helps. When you are feeling drained, discouraged, and maybe losing hope, look at your goals! I personally created images of things I desire in my life onto a large piece of colorful paper, no not everything was materials either. I glued a few positive words on it as well to encourage me when I feel discouraged. I find it helps a lot. Another thing you may want to watch are them people that you may have in your life that has nothing positive to say ever. They may have a lot to say about what your goals are or what you are trying to create online. They most likely don't get it. Some people don't mind working for somebody all of their life 9-5. That is their choice of course but you do not have to. There is another world out there and if you want it bad enough, you will get it!

I have some negative people in my life but I limit what I tell them about my personal life and try my best not to allow their negativity to get to me. The way I see it is if you are that miserable all of the time, why not make some changes? Anyhow, my point here is that you can do this! Everything takes some effort but if you can work your buns off to create a successful online business and in return you will gain that financial freedom you have always wanted so you can spend your time doing the things you love, go for it! Set your mind to it and don't look back! Don't look at yourself as a failure if you make a mistake along the way, learn from it and keep going! There is a saying that sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed. Never Give Up!

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rolandas2221 Premium
It's all true. That's what I learnt over 2 years. Mistakes will happen and negative people will come into your life. But you have learn from your mistakes and ignore the negative people and only laugh from them in the end when you succeed ! :)
Nicole14 Premium
That's right. We can't allow their negativity to control our actions or feelings!