Impatience is The Enemy

Last Update: February 21, 2016

Hello WA users!

After reading a few blogs by the wonderful gentleman Jozeph (who you will likely see on the newsfeed as you log in), I thought I'd throw in my two cents about the spirit of 'pushing on'. Obviously, not being at liberty to divulge information he saw fit to on his latest Sunday post, I will simply say 'My life is really not too bad'.

Now, to give you a little context - I'm currently single after a range of failed and squiffy relationships. I'm still working a minimum wage job five years after getting an honors degree at university and, like many others, I have a nagging little demon in my head poking and prodding at me to 'do better'. This went in a different direction, you may say. Well, I bring up these points as what many would consider negative aspects. However, in reading Martin P. Seligman's Authentic Happiness, I have learned that I am an optimist.

It turns out that optimists have problems and approach them, not with a sense of 'woe is me / my life is rather grim etc etc', but as an opportunity. I see problems as little objective points to surmount. I suppose it would be fair to say the WA optimists on this site are or likely will become successful with their websites. It is just a matter of time.

Since beginning my site, back in September of last year, I have done loads of tweaks, adjustments and work. is mainly a game review site so, unlike many product quick-fire reviews, I find myself writing lengthy articles on a regular basis. Its a lot of work. Every now and then, I will discover something that shatters my entire plan thus far and everything needs to be reworked with a fine tooth comb. At this point, many I believe, would let what was once a bright flame of motivation wither and dissipate to apathy.

Yet success is something that only comes with hard work. Then some more hard work. As my hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger says 'Just remember when you are partying with your friends, having fun, there is always someone else at that time working hard, climbing the ladder towards their goal. You will never find success with your hands in your pockets'. Words to live by.

So, coming back to the title of this blog, for anyone reading this - which person are you? Are you the person who just started here with your flame bright and your mind hungry? Are you more like me, who has been here for a couple of months, working really hard and still seeing no extra income? Or are you even the successful person with their WA rank in the single digits and their site paying for dinner? Regardless of which one you are, you will always be working towards something exciting. We will all fall victim to an impatience to get to that end. If that impatience grows too overwhelming, you will stop and say to yourself 'I bit off more than I could chew. This is silly, I'll get back to more realistic ventures'. Hey! Be the optimist, keep the flame alive and never forget that if you don't stop working hard, success is simply a matter of time.


Nick Banks

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DanielLara Premium
Hey, Nick.. I've been here for 1.5 months. My site is attracting some traffic, mostly coming from WA or whenever I post something new on FB. I have made about US$10 from Google Adsense, which is not much. However, I am deeply focused on creating the most content I can so when I hit the 3 months mark and Google starts picking up a little bit on the site I have enough content to keep visitors attracted and satisfied. The truth is: you have to be in it for the long run. Unless you are living full time off it (which I am not), you have to persevere and take constant baby steps and just hope for the best. Be smart about producing content, use SEO in your favor, and invest in fruitful time on the keyboard. This is how I see it, anyway :-)