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Last Update: May 30, 2016

Just thought I'd share a little something I got up to this weekend, which will likely yield great traffic results for my site. And I mean actual, organic and genuinely engaged traffic. Like anything else with a high potential for reward, it was not easy.

Anyone new to me and my blogs, just so you know, my site is a gaming website, focusing specifically on the Playstation 4. I've been working on it for just under a year now and still haven't made any money. That's fine though, it's all part of the plan.

You see, there's no adverts on my site at the moment. The only monetized content on there is links to games that I review. They are so few and far between across the site, I wouldn't have expected to make any money anyways.

So as you all know, it's all about the traffic. Sure enough, I'm getting some and a strong Facebook presence is certainly helping out. The major plan is to wait and wait... and wait until the traffic really blows up and is consistently high. THEN I'll hit them with the ads.

So this weekend just gone, I stepped on the first rung of the ladder in implementing my master plan. I figured I needed to go somewhere there was a high concentration of like minded gamers and speak to as many of them as I could about my site. It didn't stop there either. I had help from a professional graphic designer to create a logo for my site, which I then made into hundreds of business cards.

I traveled five hours on a cheap coach to get to London Comic Con and I knew that if any of the stewards saw me giving out cards, I'd be banned for life. Success never comes without bending the rules, right? So I hung around taking pictures of cosplayers and, when I was done and they were done posing, I'd ask 'hey, Xbox One or PS4 guys?'. 90% of the time they'd say PS4, I'd give them the card and ask if they wanted a free game.

Once they tag themselves on Facebook, I'll 'pick out of a hat' and send the winner a copy of Uncharted 4. This kind of interaction with the community of your niche, I now believe, is essential in building your brand and your site's presence. So take a look around on Google and see what kind of events you can attend. People always remember a face better than a link.

Of course, this was just round one! Yet more money out of my own pocket will spent on cards and maybe even T-shirts, going to many more events before its advert smashing time. Being a realist will keep you more content than wanting big things from (when you're being honest with yourself) you're applying minimal effort. Here's to success 'huzzah'!

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nice one mate very plan think that'll work