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Last Update: May 08, 2017

ok finally i achieved this much. i Know within WA its little medocre ,but in my view its huge .

i was totally confused, full of negatives ..etc prior to join WA.

Now i travelled a lot. I love this magic community .

I am working on my niche , and other website . Its really inspiring me to apply things that just learned 1 min ago

i have already completed my 2 lessons and my website is already indexe in google.

within 6 months i will touch my aim of $4000/month income stream.i am working on that

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lorac4000 Premium
Hi just wondering how your website is coming along? I have gotten a bit behind and also have forgotten to keep adding new content to mine as been looking into affiliate work and other ideas. Any tips useful thanks.
accad Premium
Thank you for posting this question. I also need the answers just as you need it.
Hoping the community will give specific steps and solutions to this issue members are facing.
lorac4000 Premium
Its one thing to have a target to work towards (like a specific income) But how to go about monetizing your website to start the ball rolling? I was told just concentrate on traffic by creating content and product reviews but think there could be more training on product creation maybe? When you don't already have a product to sell its harder to make that first sale.
Britejackson Premium
Sounds awesome I going to go back over the training again so I could grasp a better undestanding