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When it comes to writing articles , what do you find to be a hurdle ? Lets talk , comment below. I want to hear what you guys have to say!
well this was completely unexpected. My site usually had an average of 4-8 visitors per day but then I woke up to 60 VISITORS!! I almost fell off my bed!! I couldnt believe it. All this time i thought results were going to remain slow but they picked up, guys don't give up at all , even when results seem slow because you never know what's around the corner , keep striving for success!
So I wrote a blog about how I earned my first 14 commission sales , it seems like i earned more last night while I was asleep, LOL! I earned 3 more dollars which isn't much but it goes a long way when you think about it! Don't give up people! Don't sleep on yourselves! If there's a will to do something , then there is a way. I never thought I would be earning my first 16 dollars on the internet in just 2 and a half months but it has happened! Play your cards right and you'll start seeing succes
I've been a member for 3 months and my site is two months old. when I began writing articles and reached about 7 or 8 articles I saw no sales. I began to give up on wealthy affiliate, I doubted the training and I was thinking it was a scam like all the other programs out there that I got into. I was close to canceling my membership until I remember that advice I was given by another internet marketer, your website hasn't failed , it simply needs time to adapt and grow , dont give up! I remembe