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Last Update: February 08, 2016

Business plan - Health products Deals

I started to think about a good niche. First I wanted to do something in solarpanels. I still think that is a good idea for the future. So better start with that already! But I found it to difficult to find affiliate programs for this and sell solar products. So I decided to go for health products.


For the site itself I didn't choose yet long-tail-keywords yet. No-one would type in google 'healty products deals'. And 'Health products online' is to popular. So I use the posts itself to make long tail keywords.

Graphic Design

Lucky me I am familiar with graphic design in 3D. And use this to make my cover photos for twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+ etc, and this website. This way I can make my graphics consistent, and tune them exactly the way they should work. So I plan to make another website as well, offering banner or cover design. I have already one: htttp:// , but that is to broad about 3D design.

Social media

This is quite hard work. I made a HealthProductsDeals account on twitter, facebook business page, pinterest, instagram and google+. I had the most success with twitter, much more than with facebook and google+. Sometimes is hard to join the correct groups or persons. Especially because I am located in the U.K; I decided to target to UK ( google console, or google webmaster tools ). So in all my social media I have to look where people are coming from. That is not easy. Twitter is the easiest (crowdfire), but google+ is a lot of work. By far, google+ is the most user unfriendly social media site. But Google likes it, I think when you are active there.


There is a lot of analytics stuff already for healthproductsdeals. :
-Google analytics
-Google console
-Google mybusiness
-Twitter analytics
-Analytics from the affiliate networks.
etc, etc.

Affiliate networks:

Amazon was the easiest. Very user friendly, but had to choose for a location: uk or us.
So I choose for uk. Then webgains is very nice, and some more, but I stay mainly with these two. Most advertisers accepted me. And even autodesk, the maker of autocad accepted me on New Media Supply as well as Dazz3D. Great! so that was easy , only had to wait a week for each.


So, the results so far:
- WA ranking: 1499
- Google analytics: 72 unique visitors. Organic search: 15, Social: 22, Those are the most important numbers for me. It is not much , but 2 weeks ago I started from scratch. - Amazon shows around 60 clicks. but I clicked myself a few times to test.
- I started mailchimp yesterday, so I didn't have any subscribers yet for the newsletter.

So In that way it is a succes, when I keep in mind I had my other website about graphic design I worked on for a year. If I compare the results. This new website is already better qua interaction and engagement.

Further plans:

- Engage on social media sites.
- Place more content with long tail keywords.
- Do something with video's or youtube. ( not yet sure what ).
- Interviews ?
- Invite bloggers to write on my site?

So thanks for reading. This was my workflow, explained with a few words, and the results.


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DrRuthM Premium
Very well done Robert. You are making amazing progress