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August 13, 2018
When you want something to happen in your life, do you 1. PLEAD and BEG the universe or God to help you 2. PRAY for something good to happen to you 3. FATALISTIC about your chances of ever getting anything for yourself 4. FEEL ANGRY RESENTFUL and proceed to blame everyone and everything for the state of your life 5. FEEL EMPOWERED and proceed to achieving your goals despite the oddsWhat type of person are you ? Where would you like to be in 3 months, 6 months, a year? The telling difference bet
July 30, 2018
Well I have finally finished my level 4..whew I have been having a hard time concentrating because of other things in my life...but this is another milestone for me...thank you for all who have supported me by writing all those wonderful helpful blogs...Well onwards and upwards looking forward t to the next challenge onthe horizon. The journey of WA has its up and down and sometimes it is difficult to understand how it is all going to happen. I have been fortunate in that I have just continue
Yep the title says it all for me. When Microsoft finally dumped outlook express many cried in their it was quite a good desktop email client. Was so easy to setup and use, so everyone was hanging out for the newer version. Microsft decided to bring in Windows Mail; that was not a bad email client either, but they change tactic again and killed that in 2016, Where is my Desktop Email clientWell after that windows mail disappeared. The next mail client was now included with the of
A Timely reminderA Timely reminder to everyone here. Computers do crash and you can lose data. After I had computer problems over the last few days, My computer crashed and would not do anything at all on Sunday night and I had not done any backup since I had assembled it last year. Silly me. So there I was looking at it and wondering if I had lost the lot!..Visions of all the work I had done lost !!...ok I was in a panic .I had visitors here on Sunday and Monday so I really could not be seen
Web design best practiceA very quick guide to help you design a better looking website. I do hope it helps.Fonts1. Stick to one font familyThere are 2 different types of type of fonts that are commonly used on the websitesa: sans serif b: serifMost comon fonts to use are open sans, lato, or roboto can also try raleway, monsterrat or pt sansMost common serif fonts are: cardo, merriweather, pt serif the colours mean on your websiteColoursIf yo
The idea that a community of like minded individuals, working together, helping each other achieve their goals is an utopian ideal, is amazing and I believe, is being achieved here at Wealthy Affiliate. It is an excellent way to teach people how to create a business online. The encouragement that you get on this platform can be addictive. I have been reading reviews on how the program came into being back in 2005. Did Carson or Kyle envisage the growth of this platform? I see a bigger future f
Yeah!.. reached another goal!..Today I have reached another goal of mine and I am happy about.!!..I have done 10 ful lessons so far, could have rushed on ahead but am taking it slowly to understand and learn a bit more. There is so much to learn and everyday there is always something new!...thanks to all in the WA community, we are shaping the world!!..
May 20, 2018
Speed HumpsThe idea that it was going to take me a month to get here to this lesson, did not enter my mind when I first started. I thought I was going to be miles ahead by this stage, earning money daily and living the high life. Unfortuntalet for me it did not happen like that because of a couple of speed humps.1. I had my niche sorted out but I did not have any articles, I had dome research on the subjects and most were ok, I knew I had to knuckle down and write articles. Took me awhile to g
May 02, 2018
What is the purpose of goals? I have seen people not quite certain how to take that question. To put it in its most simple form. Goals get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.If you take the example of a person who wants to have a cup of coffee. He decides in his mind " I would like a cup of coffee" that is his destination [GOAL]. He knows how he is going to achieve that goal , the steps to get there are all automatic. He has been doing it for a long time and he can most p
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April 26, 2018
10 lesson done moving on to second part, am really looking forward to the future and what is coming for me.