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I made it to 500 followers about 30 minutes ago in my network.I joined WA over five months ago with my first target of 500 followers in my network. I got quickly to over 200 and the growing of the network became stagnated. About three weeks ago I followed about 1400 members within a few hours. Ever since then, my network has been growing steadily and I achieved a little bit below what I achieved in about 5 months within 3 weeks.
Recently, I wanted to login to my website through the site manager at but discovered that I could not login with the new user/administrator I created immediately I created this site and have been in use ever since. I could only login with the default admin as administrator I also realized there were 114 different administrators for my wordpress blog site instead of the expected two users, the default user, the ad
I have given comments to probably over twelve blogs or thereabout within the past two weeks to members in the Affiliate Boot camp section of the community without any comments back on my blog. This kept me wondering till I was informed of inability of visitors to give comments on my blog.Actually I had been warned by another member a few weeks ago about the same problem in another section of WA COMMUNITY. But then, I thought the problem has been solved.The problem was caused by one of the secur
I posted an article "How To Start your own Free Home Business Opportunities" on my website with the link on December 14, 2015 @ 18:49:26 My website has been sitting on Google Top 2 on page 1 of Google since around January 10, 2016 for the keyword phrase "How To Start Your Own Free Home Business Opportunities" Six days ago, Tuesday, January 29, 2016 I decided to share the article on my googleplus page https