Last Update: December 06, 2018

(Heart) Leading with heart means leading with passion and telling a story. As many as 65% of all business founders lead with heart. It gives them an unshakable sense of purpose.
(Smarts) Shrewdness, practicality, goal orientation, accountability, and love of facts are characteristic of smarts. A high IQ helps, but it isn’t required. Street smarts are often more useful. Entrepreneurs who know people and exhibit creative smarts are often high achievers, too.
(Guts) Guts is all about action. Getting things done and making the tough calls comes naturally with this quality. In the end, all business owners can draw on the “guts to endure” through all the challenges of running their own business.
(Luck) A lucky attitude can take you a long way. When entrepreneurs meet the multimillionaire who will fund their company, it wasn’t the lucky meeting that made that happen—it was the entrepreneur who made it lucky. People with this quality make up more than 25% of company founders.

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sminman7 Premium
Great post! I had a good friend and neighbor tell me:"We make our own security", but I think it takes guts as well!
NeilBrown Premium
Thanks for the post, it's awesome.
JWhite5 Premium
Thanks for sharing Sherman!
Thank you for having the heart, smarts, guts to luckily bring this post.
Get ready for the ride...
WA rocks buddy!🤗
accad Premium
Luck must be a result of the three. It is a fortune if I'm correct.