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Last Update: October 03, 2020

In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about setting your SMART goals. If you have not read it, you can find my post here 5 Rules for Setting SMART Goals . Today, I will share with you ONE very EFFECTIVE method which will help you to reach ANY GOAL that you might have!

Before I delve into this, let me review some of the reasons why we fail to achieve our goals.

1. We abandon our projects

All of us had multiple projects which we abandoned mid-way or even toward the end. There could be many reasons for this, but very often we simply lose motivation to continue. This could be because we realize that our timeline was not realistic, or because the results are not forthcoming as initially expected.

As a result, sooner or later, we drop our projects and forget about our goals. The project drifts into the no-man's land where it is quietly forgotten and abandoned. All our energy and hopes are lost. All our work is wasted.

2. We get distracted

Time and again, a new idea springs up and we drop everything we do in order to chase another dream. This jumping from one project to another is the worst things that you can do.

First of all, jumping does not make us faster. On contrary, instead of making us faster, every new project slows us down a lot! Every distraction is like a break in our journey. Instead of running, we start walking, and eventually we just crawl at a snail's pace. So much for our ambitions and for our goals...


3. We get exhausted

How many times we abandoned our projects because of the lack of energy and exhaustion? Well, many many times. Usually, we start full of energy and enthusiasm. After a few days, or maybe weeks, of toiling away at our next great thing, we realizing that the results are still far away. The energy levels start dropping. We start losing focus and start looking for excuses to take a break and stop working on our once favourite projects...

The end result, is that our projects become a burden. They stop bringing joy and are no longer seen to bring any meaning to our lives. Sooner or later, due to the exhaustion, we abandon our goal and start drifting restlessly until another idea captures our minds...

So, what can we do about it???

🔥🔥🔥 WA SOLUTION!!! 🔥🔥🔥

There is ONE POWERFUL thing you can do to overcome the above mentioned obstacles to reaching your goals.


The power of making a public commitment has time and again proven a powerful motivator that helps to lock you in and keeps you accountable for reaching your goals.

Make sure that you share your goals and commit publicly to achieving them. The best way to do it is by writing a post in your blog, and then providing regular updates. So many WA Mambers do it.

For example, Jeff, one of WA Members, has decided to sell his domain on Flippa. He published his post about it, and shared a number of updates. Flippa Domain Sale Update. There are members who regularly update on their progress. One of the most motivating bloggers, is Ferra. Just have a look at her latest blog on getting approved by Amazon Associates. This blog is both inspiring, but also builds on her earlier blogs where she provides regular updates on her progress.

Each and every public statement that you make will help you to solidify your commitment to achieve your goals.

Public commitment works in the following way:

👉 It makes you focused

You know that you commitment is what matters. No distractions. This is the main thing that counts in the eyes of your peers.

👉 It keeps you accountable

By giving regular updates, you keep yourself accountable. If your goals are off track, people will notice and will ask you. This positive peer pressure will keep you on track and every time you steer away, will help you to go forward towards your goals.

👉 It gives you energy & motivation

Last but not least, ever time you share an update, you will receive a boost of energy by way of comments and likes. The the major benefit of sharing your goals publicly is to get the positive energy from your peers & friends!

And don't forget - the best place to make your public commitment is here at WA! You will be surrounded by your friends and supporters!

I hope you found my post useful. Have you tried making a public commitment, and has it helped you in any way? Any lessons and tips to add? I would love to hear your views and comments!



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PeterN1843 Premium
Hi Nellya,

This was an excellent post about commitment. Sharing our progress and goals will work to keep us inspired and motivated. That's why I always read WA blogs, to remind me to keep going and to try to make progress.

Your post is very good advice about being accountable to other WA members here. One blog post per week is ideal for letting others know how we're doing.

When creating a timeline of our activities, it gives WA members a way to measure their own progress as well.

Thank you for sharing!

Nellya Premium
Thank you, Peter, for your thoughtful reply.

Accountability towards others is also accountability towards yourself. One post per week sounds just about right. You can adjust your goals and receive regular feedback. It is a dynamic process after all.

I wish you all the best success in achieving your goals!

PeterN1843 Premium
Thank you Nellya. That’s nice! 😀♥️
heavensaroma Premium
Thank you for this reminder Nellya.

I did actually make a blog about my daily goals hoping for that accountability to set in.

I have 5 daily goals and 3 weekly goals. I accomplish about 1 weekly goal and 2-3 of my daily goals.

One of my weekly goals was to blog here on WA once a week. And I have yet to do this since that blog. I shake my head at myself for this, but then think that life gets in the way.

In actuality, I let life get in the way when I need to focus more. I do use the kids as an excuse when I shouldn't.

Though I still achieve something everyday, I know I can do more.

Thank you for reminding of what I already know and need to be reminded of.

Nellya Premium
Hi Angela,

Thanks for sharing your goals with us! I would like to suggest that you run a weekly blog with an update on your goals. I would be very interested to learn how you cope combining your busy family life with your business goals.

In any case, sharing should be a natural experience. You have to be comfortable doing so, and share only in a safe and supportive environment!

Have a great Sunday evening!

CoachJoel22 Premium
You are absolutely right Nellya!. That's where I am now, overwealmed by information overload. There's so much to know, there's so much to do, rendering me frozen an unable to decide where to go.

The thing is, I wanted to run and reach the peak of success in the shortest possible time but unfortunately I stumbled and got stucked in the process.

So now, I'm going to renew my resolve and commitment to my self, I am now shouting to the world, " I WILL DO IT ! I will reach the peak of success no matter what, for I am COMMITED!"

Nellya Premium
Hi Joel,

Thank you for sharing your thoughtful comment! I would like to encourage you to formulate your goal in a specific and very tangible way (SMART method). It should have a time limit as well. Share it in a circle ⭕️ of people you feel comfortable with. They will support you and keep you focused!

I wish you success!

FlxGo99 Premium
What a post Nellya!!

I guess fear of making a public commitment it must be second to fear to speak in public. I never thought that commietment could be used as motivator: I guess you made me look at it with other perspective. Thank you for taking the time in bring this to us.

Have a wonderful day.
Nellya Premium
Hi Felix,

Thank you for your comment. I agree that speaking out in public can be intimidating. As your first step, you could share your goal in a circle ⭕️ of close friends and associates. See how it works for you. Most of the time, public commitment brings so many benefits that it by far exceeds your inner fears!

I wish you success in reaching your goals!

EmakAmelia Premium
Hi Nellya,

Wow, you just published another excellent blog. 😀
I love your idea about making public statement and how it can help us to keep progressing with our business.😍

Thank you for the mention. I appreciate it.🙏
My intention was just to document my progress and hopefully inspire other members to keep going with their online business journey.

You have been consistently providing great blog posts. I admire your tenacity for creating such great content. 👍

Let's keep inspiring each other to grow and be successful.

Enjoy your weekend.

To Our Success
Nellya Premium
Thank you, Ferra, for your generous and supportive comment! 🥰

I find your blogs inspiring and the best form of public commitment at WA. They clearly have a positive impact on you and on WA members alike!

I shall be looking forward to reading 📖 your future updates, and sharing mine as well!

Have a wonderful weekend!