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Hello folks,I thought it would be a great idea to gather up some success posts - please feel free to suggest more in the comments and I can add them to the list.It can be good to have your own list to look at every now and then and they can be a great source of motivation.I've always found reading success posts inspiring and they've often given ME the boost I've needed to keep pushing forward.This is certainly not an exhaustive list by any means, as there have been so many success stories and m
The Internet Wayback Machine... Could help you improve your conversions!Have you ever changed a post, or a review multiple times over the months and years... only to realise over time, that you're getting less sales/conversions from those posts than you used to?Well, the sensible thing would be to always note down absolutely everything you change. Because, sometimes the most minuscule change can actually change your results dramatically.So I have discovered on many occasions.However, if you ha
Wooohoo...I've been here since 2015 and have only just purchased my first premium theme. Actually, I got two because, I couldn't decide at the time! :)I just wanted something really simple, so I went with the Genesis framework and the lifestyle pro child theme... which, while isn't one of the newly updated ones, (yet) but is just the sort of thing I was after.I practised working out how to set it up on another website that I own and was worried there for a while, but I worked it out and now I'
I wanted to give a shout out to Karen (memorylaneuk) for her training on setting up Pinterest rich pins, ( I looked into getting rich pins maybe ... a year ago originally? I was searching and searching and SEARCHING how I could do it WITHOUT the YEOST plugin, (which I don't use).But all the training available out there seemed to require the YEOST plugin. As a result, I put off really using Pinterest for a long time. But after I
February 17, 2018
I made a pledge recently.That was to do at least ONE NEW THING every day that could help drive my business forward. It may be a very small thing, but whatever it is should be a little leap forward.So, that may be contacting someone new, joining a new affiliate program or network, improving an old post to boost ranking and give it NEW life, watching some new training, start learning a NEW tool or skill... and many other things.I decided to do this because last year, I got stuck in a rut. I rea
I started out on this journey over two years ago and I can't tell you the amount of twists and turns and ups and downs I have had.This sank to a bit of an all time low in January, where I had one of the worst months financially in a YEAR! But wouldn't you know... often a massive low, can be followed a significant high! I suppose it gave me a bit of a kick up the butt!There were things I had put off doing, including going back over old posts and trying to improve them, also improving some of t
Recently, I created a plan that was hopelessly flawed.It was flawed because every single day contained far more than I could realistically complete.Consequently, even if I got quite a lot done during the day, I felt I'd fallen short by the end - as I wouldn't have managed everything on my list.So, I cut it right back. I cut it back further than I thought was necessary.What happened? Well, not only did I manage to achieve those things on my list each day, but I managed to achieve more than I h
January 25, 2018
I wrote an review recently for a company - I linked to them in my post, but I also shared via social media with a hashtag containing their company name.I'm not an affiliate for this company, but the review was a positive one.The company then shared my review via social media. On Facebook and twitter that I can see so far. They then suggested that other people check out my blog! :)They have a pretty large following and from them simply sharing my post, my traffic has gone through the roof toda
Wow time goes so quickly! Especially this year... it's been fast right??I first took advantage of the Black Friday offer at WA in November 2015. I had joined in the August and by the time Black Friday came around, I knew I was going to dedicate my time to learning all about this online stuff. The deal was just way too good to miss.I took a leap of faith. It was still a lot of money for me to pay out, but I'm so glad I did take that chance and just went for it.Once I'd paid for the full year
I've noticed an increasing amount of websites removing all dates from their posts.There seem to be arguments for and against doing this. On one of my sites, it seemed to make sense, because nothing on there is date sensitive and it may put people off to see an old date there - even if it's still totally relevant to them.However, I have noticed plenty of people removing dates from their sites in the internet marketing/make money online space.... when, a lot of those reviews and so on and even o