Use OpenOffice to Make a Sales Spreadsheet

Last Update: December 26, 2015

Hopefully this will be like a New Year Resolution, but tonight I decided to make a spreadsheet to track sales and profit/loss for ecommerce using OpenOffice.

If you are not familiar with OpenOffice, it is a free shareware download that is very much like MS Office. It has a text editor like MS Word, a spreadsheet like Excel, and a presentation like Powerpoint, and other features.

Tonight, I made a spreadsheet for January sales based on my estimated cost and projected sales. As I go through the month, I will input actual numbers, compare and adjust, and make one for February.

Now this might not be rocket science, but it gave me a great feeling of control!

  • Should have done this before
  • Could have done this before
  • But never did, until now

It feels good to see the big picture and have a game plan. If it works, I will scale it up like a tortoise! i.e. The plan is to grow slow and steady in lieu of trying to bite off more than I can chew.

I kinda did that yesterday at momma's house for Christmas Dinner!!! :)

Happy New Year Everybody!

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alpsntacos Premium
It's those overbearingly tedious-seeming little "big" tasks that make all the difference! The exhale moment that comes when you realize how easy it was and the "why didn't I do this before" that comes right after is priceless... I've been there several times, too :)
nathangurley Premium
Trip huh?
alpsntacos Premium
lol precisely :)