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Last Update: November 06, 2016

So I've definitely had my down moments since joining the site too. It comes from struggling with life, lack of money and no success on WA yet. Even though I knew going in that this wasn't going to be something I would find any immediate success with, I still find myself rather disappointed with myself and my lack of any real progress. But I'm still here! I'm not giving up. But now I'm looking for a bit more advice on how to begin earning money and how to get people to buy from some of my affiliate links around the site.

I think I've definitely made some progress with my site, but any more advice is welcomed. And yes I am using the feedback section too so don't worry. but the more advice I get to start making money the better.

Thanks everybody.

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MPollock Premium
You have done really well with our site, keep at it and add more products.