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I’m a holistic nutritionist specializing in chronic pain loss, a qigong instructor and a supplementation expert.

I teach women like you how to fall in love with life again as you release chronic pain, even if it seems impossible, by teaching you the exact steps you need to reduce chronic pain.

I was engaged in a daily struggle for relief of my own chronic pain.
A few years ago I suffered from crippling chronic pain and migraines and I had too many practitioners. My cupboard was bursting with supplement bottles and I felt overwhelmed, anxious, lost, alone, and I hurt, everywhere.

Nancy CritesTaking matters into my own hands, and I found a solution to it all. One major breakthrough was a supplement that reduced my inflammation. As I felt better, I decluttered my cupboards, my practitioners, and my life. Next came my unique anti-inflammatory diet and personalized mindful, stress management practice.

Grateful to live symptom-free, life is simple and joyful.

With a few hand-picked vitamin bottles in my cupboard, a perfectly stocked kitchen, a mindful practice that keeps me connected and grounded, and a simple approach to living that keeps me happy, healthy, and pain-free.

I can help you too.

I look forward to connecting with thevWA community and moving through the training to create an online business that supports others seeking a solution to their inflammation and chronic pain.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
As much time as it takes. I am an entrepreneur with time freedom and flexibility.
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May 31, 2018
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NanCrites Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
As much time as it takes. I am an entrepreneur with time freedom and flexibility.
CoraMitchell Premium
Nan! Welcome to WA! My name is Cora and I've only been in WA since the end of April 2018, but I'm so happy I joined. Great decision to go Premium, it's loaded with training, videos, etc. This is an extremely supportive community which I'm sure you've already discovered.

I'm going to enjoy following your progress! Best wishes on your success!

CarolMeador Premium
Hi, Nan. Great goals. As an entrepreneur with the freedom and flexibility to utilize all the resources here at WA, you have everything it takes to achieve those goals. You go girl! Carol
Rjconnors7 Premium
Hi Nan...I see your financial goals and they are similar to mine. I feel blessed that we both have a tool to get us where we want to go! I'll be anxious to follow your success in the future.

Carson Premium
Hi Nan,

These are great goals and I know that you will work hard to achieve them! One of the most important aspects of building a successful business is having goals so that you always have something to work towards!

Keep on taking action within the community as you have done here, you are well on your way!

I am here to help, so please let me know if you have any questions while you get started. I look forward to helping out!

hiamari Premium
Hey, nice goals!
If you are so determined you'll be successful!
Work hard, take action and you'll see results.

Welcome to WA!

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dbriley Premium
Congrats on going premium! Learning and building your business here is a wonderful experience.
NanCrites Premium
Thanks! It is a great place to be an going premium is a reality altering experience ~ in a great way!
onlineflow Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, NanCrites
Thanks for your follow, and
Congrats on going Premium!

You now have the map to go...
anywhere you wanna go –

Plug into the Training...
Ask all your Questions...
Apply what you learn...
Repeat... Repeat... Repeat

That's it...!
So, nose to the ground...
We got your back!

All my best to you,
NanCrites Premium
Thanks Abe! Will do! Looking forward to following your success here at WA!
celiacman Premium
Welcome To WA
onmyownterms Premium
Welcome to WA!

You may find this post helpful on your journey.
Ntam101 Premium
Hello Nan!

I just wanted to be among the very first ones to welcome you here at WA and wish you good success in this new studying, learnring and earning adventure of ours.

And a first piece of advice I have is to go through the step by step "Get Started" training without jumping any, otherwise you might have a slow start like me.