When success is hiding from you…

Last Update: May 16, 2018

It feels tough at the moment… I know things happen, and I have to face them, and it takes some time to get back to normality.

Usually, people are looking for things which are missing in their lives. I started to look how to resolve the situation quickly and get back the feeling of excitement, enjoyment and commitment to success.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”Albert Schweitzer

Of course, success means different things to different people; the definition of success is very individual. Something that is not noticeable for one person can be perceived as a huge success for another person. Every person should decide what is important to him/her in order not to waste time chasing other people’s ideas of success.

In my search, I came across the amazing article “30 Fundamentals of a Wonderful Life” by Peter Clemens.


The author put together the criteria which define a person’s success; the criteria look very simple and achievable and they represent different sides of our lives:

  • Doing what you love and following your own path;
  • Living each moment completely - enjoying the beauty of each moment;
  • Overcoming obstacles – demonstrating your courage, strength, and commitment;
  • Treating people well – a successful person is not isolated from the environment and society;
  • Excelling in several areas of your life – living balanced life and taking care of different sites of life: personal, business, wellbeing, enjoying arts and culture, etc.;
  • Always doing your best – reserved and laid-back approaches do not lead to the success;
  • Seeking and finding love – it is hard to succeed if you try to live alone and echo your own thoughts and ideas.

I found it very inspiring and enlightening. All the different events and circumstances occurring in our lives define our path to the success.

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JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Nadja, What a lovely post with such words of wisdom. Thank you.
Nadja3 Premium
I am happy you liked it... Thank you for reading.
RAFStuart Premium
Do not be frightened to dream, but then act on them.
Nadja3 Premium
Getting there... Not afraid anymore. Thank you.
Tirolith Premium
Turn your dreams into action and it will be a success.
Nadja3 Premium
Ready to act. Thank you.
AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Nadja, Good post, if you persevere you will be successful if your heart is in what you do. Best Alan
Nadja3 Premium
Thank you.
MKearns Premium
Dont play peek a boo. Go grab it!
Nadja3 Premium
Yes... This is the best approach. Thank you.