Lvl. 2 Beginner Training Series - Overcoming The Pursuit Of Perfection:

Last Update: November 02, 2015

Hello WA Members,

Today we are going to jump straight into the second level of my beginners training series intended to benefit those of us that are relatively new to Wealthy Affiliate or online business in general.

The topic of this lesson is a recurring theme that I often notice when talking to new members, and is also something that myself as well as many of the experienced members have all gone through early on in our journeys.

When first starting out you are going to be learning a lot of new things that you have likely never done before such as:

  • How to build a website.
  • How to create and publish high quality articles.
  • How to optimize your content for the search-engines.
  • How to target specific keywords.
  • How to generate traffic and promote products.

The list goes on and on, but the point that I am trying to make is that it is entirely natural to focus on making sure that you have every single concept down to perfection before moving on.

There is nothing wrong with that, particularly in your first couple months, because eventually the things that you once found difficult will become second nature to you.

The problem arises when you focus all of your attention into every little detail to the point where it is starts slowing your overall progress.

I have heard Kyle refer to this as....'Paralysis by Analysis'.

Yes you want to make sure you understand the training before moving forward, and yes you should make sure that your content is up to your standards before hitting publish....

What you DO NOT want to do is keep your articles in 'draft mode' because every single time you look at you find something that does not sound right, or because you haven't gotten enough feedback, or because you are scared that Google might not like what it sees!

You have to understand that what you are learning to do here is 'evolutionary', meaning you are going to grow and get better at it the more your practice and the more time you put into it.

But if you are obsessing over every little detail and not moving forward, that won't happen.

I can go back and VERY CLEARLY see the difference in quality between the articles I was posting when I first started, compared to what I am putting out now, but I would not have made it to that point if I was putting all of my effort into making sure every single one was perfect.

There are things that I struggled with when I first started out, that I can now do with my eyes closed!

And there are always new things that I am learning that are a bit of a struggle, but I know that if I keep doing them and moving forward eventually something is going to click!

As a new member, that is the approach that you should take, make sure that you understand it, implement it to the best of your ability, and then move forward!

That is how you see results, and that is how you will be able to look back in a couple of months and realize that you are light years ahead of where you once were.

I hope that you found this post beneficial if perfection is something that you often worry about, be sure to check back soon for the 3rd part in this series, and as always keep moving forward!

-Matt McCullar

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luck3 Premium
my real life manifestation of the lesson was taught to me as "perfect is the enemy of good" but still, an imperative lesson for us perfectionists
TechniSmart Premium
Good advice Matt. I will make time to watch all 3.

ibmountain Premium
Excellent points!
mykc724 Premium
Thank you!