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I recently created a new website that has been active for a few weeks now and is indexed in Google, but for some reason the favicon looks different than the rest of my websites, which all have the default Wordpress favicon.You can see what I am talking about in the image, I just want to make sure I didnt miss something when activating my AIO settings when I created this new website because normally it auto populates the favicon with the wordpress logo.Has anybody else ran across this?
I just had a friendly chat with an Amazon Associate Chat Representative and was able to clear the air on a few things that are important for new applicants to their associates program or those approaching their 6 months without a saleI was inquiring as to whether, if when 6 months had passed without making a sale, if I would have to go back and redo every single link on my website after I reapplied.The answer is yes, BUT the good news which I did not know about, is that you CAN make a purchase
Hello WA Members,I felt compelled to share with you just how powerful spending an extra ten minutes on your keyword research before writing an article can be for you website.Now before I go into this, I know that the general consensus lately seems to be that keywords are beginning to play a less important role in the success of our online businesses.With that being said, for the time being they still play an extremely important role, and no matter what anybody tells you, keywords are something
Hello WA Members,Today we are going to jump straight into the second level of my beginners training series intended to benefit those of us that are relatively new to Wealthy Affiliate or online business in general.The topic of this lesson is a recurring theme that I often notice when talking to new members, and is also something that myself as well as many of the experienced members have all gone through early on in our journeys.When first starting out you are going to be learning a lot of new
Hello WA Members,I recently came across two apps that I found to be not only very interesting, but also very unique and effective at the same time.I have already begun using them myself, and although some of you may have already heard of these, for those that have not I wanted to share them.The first one is an App that can really cut back on your procrastination when put into effect. We all know what it's like to be in the middle of a blog when our minds start to wander. You start to check you
Good afternoon fellow Wealthy Affiliate members,In particular I would like to welcome anybody that is new to this program, affiliate marketing, or to the world of online business as a whole.This is the very first in a series of blogs that I will be creating intended to benefit and instruct those of you that are still relatively new to everything being taught here, or for those that feel they might need a reminder of the basics.Let's get started....It is common knowledge that the majority of the