Still fighting a slow battle.

Last Update: December 28, 2015

A number of events in my life have taken my attention away from WA to focus on the bigger picture (My Life and the people in it). I have not, however, forgotten about my work here and fully intend to return in the new year. With my Yearly Membership I see great possibilities.

Even without writing or even looking at my website I did manage to get a few more sales so I am desperate to get back on track. I will start with my update to my favourite post about plastic brass instruments. With all the mayhem in my life I did manage to get my little princess a pTrumpet for Christmas! It is an amazing little instrument that deserves further discussion. Stay tuned for that post as it will include yours truly playing my favourite trumpet solo to demonstrate.

I truly hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to 2016. I can't wait to get back into the groove and start making a little more money!!

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petegooch Premium
I truly wish you peace and resolve to your situation ! i also look forward to learning about how one trumpet compares to another, when playing the guitar, distinctions are made by what pick ups, neck, and body are used in the making of the instrument, along with the choice of strings used, but, non of these attributes apply to a trumpet !!, so, i am intrigued, and look forward to learning more ! Good luck.
JackDoyle Premium
Look forward to hearing you play!
playfulheart Premium
Hoping for the best for you. I know how it get get when life throws you curve balls.