Three Weeks Today With WA.

Last Update: February 22, 2016

Yessir! I've been with WA for three weeks now and the site is coming along. I have started to get some views now; not a lot, but it's a sigh of progress. My only issue right now is physical! I've spent sooooo many hours in the last three weeks on this computer that my eyes are constantly running, even sore. But hey, when you find something that you love, I guess, you keep going. Do you think sun-glasses will help? lol. anyways if anyone would like to leave any feedback about my site. I would love to hear from you. Keep on learning - Keep on rockin'.


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johnhevans Premium
I checked out your site and noticed when you hovered over the Occasions. The background was red and the font was a light white. it was hard for me to read. Just my 2 cents.
Musicman63 Premium
Hi John. You know, I never really noticed that, but yes, the lettering over the red is a little light. I'll change that so it's more legible. Thanks!
johnhevans Premium
I will check out your website.