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Last Update: April 26, 2014


I just wanted to post about my progress and share a little bit about my self. I'm that kind of guy that usually does not like to share personal stuff like success stories and alike. But I think it is time to change that, because we should all be proud of what we do and what we accomplish. We should also be proud of our mistakes and hard work. Sharing will help others learn from us. So, I'll try to share with everybody from time to time about my progress, success stories and challenges.


I came to WA looking for a step by step system to put up an online business. I have read books, blogs and sites about internet marketing. I have even subscribed to a keyword training online. So far I'm enjoying WA community and I think I'm getting some progress. I believe I came to the right place!


I'm a musician from Mexico, a classical guitarist. I consider my self a very good player. I have a master's degree in Music Performance and a Doctorate in Music Technology. Despite of my musical abilities and preparation, I have struggled to make a living. My finances have always been very bad. Because of that, I was forced to do other jobs that I don't like to make a living. This has resulted in having less time to perfect my art. The most important thing to me is my family, I have a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. I want to be able to support them and at the same spend lots of time with them.


I love helping people. I have a friend who is a psychologist. He does not have a job. He developed a quit smoking method with hypnosis. I thought it was a great project and I encouraged him to build his business. I developed a WordPress site for him Yo Soy Yo. The site was built on August 2013, we don't have any traffic yet. He is a little discouraged. We tried advertising with Google but without success and lots of money lost. The few people that were interested, for some reason were afraid to sign up for the therapy. I have learned lots along the way.


As you can see, I'm trying to follow Kyle's advice: short paragraphs, headings and visuals. So far, I have selected two niches: gluten free vegetarian and guitar tuning. I have also purchased two domains: and

I'm kind of afraid of sharing this information thinking that somebody may still my ideas. But I trust you guys! Out of the two niches, I feel very confident with the guitar one, because I know I'm really the expert on this topic. I have written scholar articles about it and I developed a tuning app in java long time ago. I could modify the app to make it available online.

My daughter is gluten intolerant and I'm thinking I'm too. My wife has tried lots of recipes and we have read some books about celiac disease. My wife is going to help me with this niche, but I'm aware that a lot of research and reading is going to be needed.

I have not written any articles yet but I have found wonderful low competition keywords using Jaaxy. I'm also working on the look and structure of the sites. Right now they are plain and dark.


Taking the first step has always being the most difficult part for me. Coming up with ideas, choosing a niche but most of all, taking action.

Another difficulty that I often face is perfectionism. I tend to over-think ideas and spend far too much time with making things pretty and clean. I rewrite my articles over an over. You get the idea.

Money is another issue. I have became a premium member and purchased a Jaaxy plan. I think is wonderful, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep up with payments.

My native language is Spanish so I hope you find this writing readable.


Thanks for reading my post. I hope you liked it. If you ever need help with WordPress, I may be able to help you as I have some experience with it. Good luck to everybody and have a wonderful time at WA.

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BIS Premium
Hi Francisco
Welcome to WA and Premium. One thing you don't have to worry about is your level of English - it's just fine. You're going to have to site on those feelings of perfectionism. When I first started out it took me 14hrs to write my first article as I was trying to make it 'perfect.' Completely pointless - it wasn't perfect even after all that time. Now I understand that I will never be satisfied but I try to write the best articles I can - an sometimes you have to accept that 'good' is 'good enough'. Being a perfectionist won't make you money - taking action on a regular basis eventually will. Best of luck :) Beverley
muscientist Premium
Hi Beverley,
Thank you very much for your comments. I have read your profile. I see that you are a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach. That is awesome! I'll put your advice into practice. Thanks again and see you around.