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As everybody knows, internet became mainstream for huge information that majority of them if not true and huge number of people are actually out there to exploit and scum to the vulnerable people who are looking for ways to improve their current living status.Almost every person who tries to get way of earning extra income experienced one way or another a scam or his/her investment lack of ROI (Return on investment). Even me I invested thousands of my hard-earned money on different ideas and NO
I am active in the WA family since last month even though I joined into the system at 2015. Ever since I activated my presence here, I am fueled with energy and eager to grow my foundation.I took the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training and I am at third level and hoping to finalize the OEC very soon so that I am able to start the Affiliate BootCamp training next. I build up my own website for the first time even though I am not good in these things; However, with the help from the