Can I Really Make Money Online and Other Doubts.

Last Update: June 27, 2018

I Am Raging Mad

Aren't you tired yet of hearing people spouting baseless doubts on the probability of making money online and other online financial possibilities? I know that I am. Why express these negative feelings to others who have dedicated themselves to using the online world to generate the income they want and desire for themselves and families? I am aware that these offenders are usually unintentional, so I will attempt to clarify the issue of making money online, once and for all.

Two Environments For Making Money

Most of us have been raised with the concept of making money by working for somebody in the traditional "job market". Let's face it, we went to school to learn how to obtain and keep a "job" by making money from someone else, not for ourselves. The concept of having a "boss" is our "normal" and "practical" reality. We have been taught to deal in trade by physical methods involving our physical presence and exchanging physical products.

Then there is the online, non-physical environment of the internet. Many of us relate to the internet as an alien world populated by technocrats and specialists in unintelligible languages and machinery. Online trade and its related products and services are "supposed" to be made available to us by anonymous entities within this invisible environment.

We have no tangible basis for understanding or judging life in this environment. When it comes to engagement with the online world, it is like eating soup with a fork. What these " unusual" people supposedly do is so extraordinary that they deserve incomes unattainable to us "ordinary" folk in the "natural" world.

Making Money Offline Vs Making Money Online

In the physical environment, we earn money by the day, fortnight or month, internet people earn money by the second. Physical world, money is earned by physical tasks continuously performed, on the internet, there are residual income methods to earn money from work performed only once in life.

In the physical environment, engaging in business involves a huge cash outlay in property and products, licensing and other requirements, even before acquiring one's employees and their provisions. Anyone can start a thriving online business with a mere website and less than $20. They don't need employees unless they so choose.

Colliding Worlds

This is where both worlds collide. An online business is similar to a physical business because it IS a business, with the usual responsibilities of a business to its customers. Customers expect that you can and will provide the products you advertise and for which you are paid. They expect and require responsive communication with you. The only difference is that they contact you remotely.

Can you make money in a physical business? Definitely! So can you with an online business once you realize that it is a business, not a hobby, and treat it like you would treat your physical business.

As to setting financial goals with online businesses, would you set a realistic goal of $100 in your physical business? You'd rather get a job than consider that realistic. How long should you take to establish your physical business? You would persevere as long as needed without fear before throwing in the towel.

Give Yourself a Fighting Chance

So, online, give yourself the same fighting chances that you would in the offline world. Don't start an online business full of doubts and fears. You wouldn't do that in the physical world, so why would you do that here? You would set uplifting expectations for yourself, so why wouldn't you do that here?

If you are one of these individuals who give sound to your fears and doubts, I sincerely hope that you will understand what I have been saying to you. Here at WA there are hundreds of people willing to help you build a successful online business, just by asking . We will happily give you All the answers you need to overcome every challenge you meet. You only have to apply them yourself.

Peace, Out!

But we can't help you to sabotage yourself. As in the physical world, you have to learn whatever you attempt to do. Here, though, we'll both tell you and show you what you need to do to get from stage to stage. You won't become successful if you won't allow us to help you and by holding on to the old limitations that you bring with you from the physical realm. Those don't work here. Peace, out!

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Jfontaine1 Premium
Still playing with your toy? That's what a friend told me talking about that business. But that pressure is good....
muhsayy Premium
I have no time for people who try to make their own failed lives look better in the mirror by pointing fingers at other people who are attempting to improve their own. It's called the "crab in the barrel" syndrome.They feel smarter by being able to tell you everything that's wrong with what you're doing. They just can't SHOW you the correct thing to do. Just tell your friend to come back and show you his results when he's got some doing what he's doing.
Aria-Len Premium
Thanks for such an inspiring post! I am tired of the people who bad mouth something just because they didn't give it a chance and had unrealistic expectations.

There are too many success stories for me to give up on my own dreams. We've just gotta work hard in the beginning so we don't have to work nearly as hard later on. That's what's so beautiful about making money online.
muhsayy Premium
Many people who "try" making money online, don't approach it as a "real" business process. They bring their skeptical "magic potion" approach to this process and when they fail to make "instant" income, they bad-mouth the legitimacy of online business. They already know that in the physical job market they cannot expect any income without strenuous effort and that's lifelong effort, too. So let them take their BS somewhere else and go play with themselves.
AlexMi Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing
muhsayy Premium
You are welcome.
fervor Premium
"At first they'll ask why you're doing it and even try to discourage you from your doings, but LATER they will ask how you did it." Believe it. You can.

See you at the top muhsayy.
muhsayy Premium
Well said. Just do it and don't wonder about the outcome. If it's done right, we'll all celebrate with you.
CandP Premium
Business is business and we can succeed online or off! It's that positive mental attitude that makes the success, whatever we do.
We are with you! Thanks for posting!
muhsayy Premium
People need to understand that, whether it's offline or online. Don't treat online businesses like they are not real.