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I can't believe I missed this last month, but on June 16 I made my first commission on Click Bank! Holy crap! I started with WA last September, so at this point I was starting to feel like I was doing stuff wrong.It's a weird feeling but I'm so excited. It is the ultimate way to motivate me to keep doing this.As of now Click Bank says it's "CDR" which I guess means I have to make 4-ish more sales to actually get paid. Am I correct about that?Anyway - I made a sale! Yowza!Thanks WA. Everyone
October 20, 2020
Hey all,I've encountered a strange situation that I am really bothered by. Now that I know about affiliate marketing and some of what it entails, I am able to spot an Amazon link that was created by an Amazon Associates member based on the URL.I regularly visit a forum online, and one user on there has made a thread that he updates on a daily basis that has links to current sales on Amazon (and other websites). I never would have known this before WA, but I now know that he is doing this in t
October 05, 2020
I just wrapped up lesson 10 of part 2 in the training (and yes, I am posting this blog as a required part of that checklist, not gonna lie!). Things are slowly starting to pick up with both websites. I am moving through this at a slow but steady pace. So far my main struggle is finding a good theme for my website before I add too many more posts to it. The current one is ugly, IMO. I'm partly tempted to just use the same one as my other site, Keep it si
September 16, 2020
I just signed on to Premium, and I look forward to starting the next steps. A bit overwhelmed, since so many things have opened up on the site, but with time I will get the hang of things.It was suggested that I post my website here, so: maxgamedeals.siterubix.comWish me luck!