Grateful, Excited, Inspired !

Last Update: December 23, 2015

I am GRATEFUL for having discovered WA... inadvertently, I might add -- wasn't even looking for an opportunity; I was actually researching information on a restaurant in California, which was featured on a TV Show called "Mystery Diners". Next thing I know, I'm clicking on a link to a website claiming to be a ScamBuster of some sort -- accusing the TV Show to be a Scam... it also accused other Shows of the same, like "Long Island Medium"... as well as, making-money-online-businesses to be Scams -- including WA. One thing led to another, and I found myself exploring the world of Wealthy Affiliate. I spent the next 3 days researching, investigating and poring over anything I could find about WA -- kind of hoping to find something negative so I could eliminate yet another money-making scam trying to take what little money I don't even have. I was Unsuccessful -- couldn't find anything Bad about WA -- so I signed up for Free, and immediately received auto-replies from Kyle and Nathaniell. I was like, "phf! riiiiiiight..." -- I responded skeptically, by asking if they were "fo' real"... they BOTH replied and acknowledged my skepticism -- I was completely gobsmacked ! They WERE "fo' real"!!

O.M.G !!! I was so EXCITED, I couldn't wait to find out more. Everyone who responded was warm and welcoming and encouraging -- but most importantly, everyone was HONEST, and said straight up -- this was no get-rich-quick scheme, that it takes time, effort and commitment, but the program does work. I reeeeally appreciated that... it made me realize, these are "Fo' REAL" People; I was convinced, this was No Scam --

I started Level 1 Lessons, got to #3 (choose a niche), and found myself stuck -- so I started spending a lot of time and energy on reading comments, asking questions, and seeking help -- I was so INSPIRED by people's success stories AND failures too, because it showed me that you are all "Fo' REAL" People. I signed up for Premium on Day 7. Today is Day 11, and I'm still stuck on Level 1, Lesson #3. I decided to start from the beginning, and went back to Kyle's Welcome to Premuim Letter, which brought me to this Blog @ STEP 3.

So there you have it; My First Blog Ever... I am GRATEFUL for all the Help and Encouragement; I am EXCITED to be a part of this Wealthy Affiliate "OHANA" (Family); and I am INSPIRED by all of you -- your stories & experiences; your knowledge & advice; your hopes & dreams.

MAHALO (Thank You) ! I Look Forward to a Bright Future with WA --


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ellepj Premium
... and you have inspired me too with your blog! Thanks for sharing your inspiration:)! Keep on...
gooddogpoky2 Premium
mskauai: You are catching what is call WAitis. A very contagious disease that can permanently damage to the tips of you fingers as you type away creating content for your soon to be wonderful website. The cure...2 aspirins (to relieve the pain) and three more hours of WA course work. lol :>) Happy Holidays. DAN
nathaniell Premium Plus
Great to have you here Holly! I hope you enjoy the lessons and say hi if you see me in chat! Don't forget you can PM me now too if you run into any problems.

Oh, and there's a webinar coming up on Friday. 2016 is going to be an awesome year, I can just tell!
mskauai Premium
Thanks Nathaniell -- I've already signed up for the webinar on Christmas Day (3p Hawaii Time)... I'll look for you on Chat and/or PM you too...

Happy Holly-days
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Awesome Holly,

Thank You for sharing your first 11 days of your journey with Wealthy Affiliate University. I got started here a little over 6 months ago and can truly say that everyone here is Fo' Real people and that the WA Online Business Community is the greatest Community on the internet and in the world for learning, support and earning.

I have been earning an income on the internet for 6 years and the past 6 months with WA has skyrocketed my knowledge, Resources & Income to all new levels.

2016 is going to be the best year for us all here with WA and I am excited to be able to share with You Holly as well as the rest of the Wonderful WA Community.

Thank You Holly for sharing & caring,

mskauai Premium
Thanks Tony !

Every little bit of feedback/response/encouragement really helps --