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Last Update: June 18, 2019

For a minute; has there ever been a time in your life when you were getting ready to start a new job were invited to a formal party gathering or even set up on a blind date and you were sooooo excited to go that you cohldnt contain the adrenalin running through your body.

And then the big moment arrives when it comes time to start that job, go to that party or meet your blind date and then then you experience one of the worst moments in the time of your hate it, it's boring and they ste a real loser! You would have had more fun sitting home watching "I Love Lucy" re-runs than being in that certain place at that particular time.

Well, that's kind of what happened to me when I started teaching in the studio. I got alll excited about my new job and then a few hours after being there and getting a feel for the layout and my cowodkers, I quickly realized that we just didnt have a whole lot in common with one another.we were as different as night and day in more ways than one.I was beginning to feel like a sore thumb, or a 5th wheel because. I wasnt anything like these other guys were. Here they are loud and boisterous throwing out every four letter word you can imagine ( not in front of students of course) and here I am minding my own business. Staying to myself acting like a recluse of sorts.

my immediate thought was " what am I doing here"? Well, ill tell you what I was doing there ...I loved my dancing, students and I wanted to work with other couples and individuals tsaching them a life and social skill through social ballroom dance.

One of the biggest challenges in doing that day in and day out was fighting the temptation and pressure to be conforned to an "Image" that they thought I had to adhere to in order to become successful in the business. My response to that was a big ol Bull shit with a capital B.

There was no way that I eas going to conform to an image, a fake one at that for yhe sake of making money and making a name for myself in a business thay was as fake as it could be and stilll is by the way.

So, why did I stay? My students. They are the ones that made making that tripp to the studio every day worth my whil

e. I loved my students, i loved my dancing.and I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives.

In all honesty. It wasnt very long in before I knew that I wasnt going anywhere in the business financially because I simply refused to become something or somebody that I knew I wasnt and I still hold to that principal.

Having said all of thay, let me offer up this piece of advice...BE CAREFULL!! Be carefull that you never let yourself get into a situation where you allow other people to take controll of your life and move you awy from your true self/person. And ifyou want to take a few lessons later, do it just do your research first and make sure that you ate comfortale with the place of business (sfudio) you will be doing business with.

And last but not least, you can Thank WA for the opportunity to build your business, create a better life for you and your family and not have to worry about deviating from the individual that you are. For that we can give thanks.

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