Lvl.2 Making Use of Visuals

Last Update: November 11, 2017

I think Lvl.2, regarding the "making use of visuals" section of the training, is incredible. The walk through is thorough, it is very easy
to understand, and the resources provided are invaluable.

I personally have used Google or Bing to get free images when I've
needed them, but many of these sites offer free and professional looking
images that I would never have had access to if you hadn't referred me.

Not sure if I will be using much screen capture in the future, and if I
do, my Windows 10 PC has "Snip Tool" which can capture my selections
outlined or full tabs for free. Should be more than enough to use, but I
am appreciative for the recommendations for screen capture.

So far I have just been following along with the training, doing my best
not to get ahead of myself and follow along closely. Even after I was
told I needed images for my posts by a friend, and by someone reviewing
my content, I had a feeling that you would be covering this and that we
would be adding images soon.

I am glad I waited!

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Joy3 Premium
Good. I also found this training very useful because we can be busy loading images and slowing down our site: