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Last Update: August 04, 2015

Hello everyone,

I'm currently finishing course 2 and can't get enough. What I tell my friends is that i wish days had 48h just to work harder on my goals.

The main topic I enjoyed learning about is SEO. I think, from what I understood that SEO is the heart our growing website (threw content of corse). I want to learn much, much more about it. Creating my site has been great for me, I going threw a lot of enthusiasm and it's the best "drug" of the world. Having high goals and work hard to reach them is the best feeling (for a business aspect but also for everything else in life).

What I'm currently struggling on, is changing the look of my website (I know is not the most important thing at the moment) but I see what all of you members are creating and can't stop thinking that my site looks pretty blank at the moment. The theme I'm struggling on are the ones with big pictures on the home page. I don't understand how to change those. Moreover I have lots of ideas for my niche but don't have the tools/ knowledge to implement them yet. It's really frustrating.

The success I'm proud of is the fact that I'm currently doing an internship in a big bank and I still get to work on my personal project 2 to 3 hours per day, which leads to the fact that I'm in front of a computer all day long. But some how it's like if the goal's I've fixed my self are pending in front of my face and don't want to stop working.

My plan for the next 3 months is to improve massively my website, learn and understand all the bits and pieces I still don't know in order to get lots of traffic and actually get a revenue from my site.

My plan for the next 6 months is to have a concrete business threw my website. After my internship I'll still have to do 6 months of studies to complete my Master in Corporate Finance and my the ultimate goal would be to write my final thesis on "How to finance my project". In order to do that I have to propose something serious to my professors. This is why I will be working so hard to get there. The fact that my thesis will be useful for me after university is a huge game changer in terms of motivation and determination.

I hope all of you have the same feeling about what you're working on, I wish everyone the best.


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NevaLynn Premium
Hi Julien! It looks like you have accomplished a lot already. Kudos! I understand where you're coming from about the "look" of your site. I feel like there is more I can do to make it more appealing. But I have learned the more I update and play with the settings, the easier it gets to "tweek" and apply a certain detail or feature. You are on the right path! In a few weeks, you're going to look back and be amazed on how far you've come! All the best to you!
3ss1m4n Premium
Nice work! I also wish I had 48 hours to work more on my site! Don't worry about the look of it just yet. Focus on creating content. That will drive traffic towards your site. Once you get to know more you can change and implement the looks you want to have on your site the way you have them in mind.

Well done on your progress so far!
PjGermain Premium
Inspiring, Julien! Fantastic approach, I'll be following your progress. Stay motivated my friend! It WILL happen for you!