Refreshing My Memory & Restarting My Mission

Last Update: September 20, 2016

A couple of months ago I was violently struck and quickly knocked to the cold, hard ground by the infamous 'B' word. Yep, you guessed it! Burnout!!! It attacked with a vengeance and showed no mercy.

Every attempt to write creative content was nothing short of an epic fail. I just couldn't seem to make the words and paragraphs flow. I had nothing more than jumbled thoughts on paper. The way things were headed, I wouldn't have even been able to keep a rock interested. Yes, my attempts at writing effective content were That Awful!

The feelings of doubt and lack of confidence began to form a dense, black cloud around me. Not only could I not seem to create new content, but I also began to have doubts and insecurities about my existing website content. I was feeling Defeated. I would be telling a tall tale if I said Quitting didn't cross my mind at least once. (Or twice, or three times and so on)


Wait, what would quitting say about me? How would my family and friends that support me feel about my giving up? What would my quitting teach my children to do when the going gets tough? Would the people who had taken time to visit my website feel like I had somehow given up on them? It finally came to light that throwing in the towel wasn't and isn't an option.

Fret Not! I have a plan! I will Refresh My Memory and Restart My Mission. How exactly do I plan to Refresh My Memory, right? By starting over, well not completely. I plan on starting the courses and lessons from the very beginning. I am hoping that by going through all of the course and lessons again that I will gain clarity to any confusion I may have and become more comfortable in my ability to effectively manage my website. Fortunately, I do not have to start from the beginning on setting up my website! However, I do intend to make revisions where necessary to increase viewer satisfaction.

I could easily be thought of as naive if I believed that experiencing another burnout wasn't possible. It is very possible. As for now, I am prepared to Refresh My Memory and Restart My Mission. The infamous 'B' word hasn't made me quit!

I will count that as a Victory! (if only thought of as a small one)

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MichaelFox Premium
If it helps, us software programmers suffer from the same problem. It's just part of the grind that is what we do. Hang in there and you will get through the wall. :-)
mommashannon Premium
Thank you for the reassurance! It does help to know that! I am certainly doing my best to hang tough!
JudeP Premium
It does help you to gain clarity :)