My 3 Month Progress

Last Update: June 29, 2016

I have had my website generating traffic since approximately April 1, 2016. I have struggled along the way but that's to be expected, Right?! I have writers block more often than I would like to admit, more do to lack of self confidence when it comes to creating interesting content. I also have yet to make any sort of "Sale" from my affiliate links.

However, I am still Successful! I have recently seen an overall increase in my website traffic! I have yet to stop creating content, and I believe my content becomes stronger and more interesting with every post. I enjoy people's feedback as much as I do their comments. I take the feedback that is offered and do my best to use it to better my website. I may not always understand what a person means, but I attempt to ask them to clarify. Unfortunately, I don't always get further clarification, so I build on What I do understand.

I feel I continue to Grow! For that I am Thankful! I continue to hope for further feedback and comments, higher increases in website traffic from interested visitors, and more shares on social media. Those things would be great, but Most of All, I hope that I become better at creating engaging content that leaves my readers wanting more! Then, maybe with a little luck I get a sale here and there, too! :-)

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JonStevens Premium
You're doing great for 3 months, congratulations!
Mike-Writes Premium
Congratulations on your 3 months, Shannon! Wish you all the best with your site.
JudeP Premium
All the best pushing forward Shannon :)
ClaudiaHB Premium
congrats on your 3 month anniversary!