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So I have made super duper progress with my site so far and I'm proud to say I have completed course 2:) Yay me!!! lol so I know I don't know everything yet but just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping me and supporting me this far, it means a lot! I hoping to have this website all done in the next week or so and I'm already pondering ideas for my next Niche:) Please check out my site and follow me to continue watching my process... Also lastly I need t
April 28, 2014
So the other day I posted a blog about deciding to go premium, and what a great choice that was! As I continue through the training's I'm learning so much and it's actually becoming super easy:) My website is coming together....Yay!!! So thanks to everyone in the communities for your help and support! Also if anyone needs help or has questions please let me know.... Molly
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April 27, 2014
So yersterday I signed up as a Premium member:) I'm excited and nervous to continue this journey... At least I know there r others of u that can relate and help me to achieve my goals! So yeah... let the fun begin!!!