Totally overwhelmed

Last Update: April 24, 2016

I am feeling overwhelmed right now - not necessarily a bad thing, but there is so MUCH here! I've been doing the training, but I just feel like I'm stumbling around - not sure what I should be doing first. I get notifications for blogs - so I read blogs. I write my own blogs - what are they really supposed to be about . . . and was I supposed to reply to every reply on my profile? Oh geez! Have I offended people? I'm doing Bootcamp cuz it just seemed simpler for now, but I seriously end up with about 10 WA tabs open in my browser every time I log in, and pretty soon I'm so lost that I have to shut everything down and start over. Does anybody else feel this way? I'm SO convinced of the opportunity here - I have NO doubts. I'm really anxious to get moving, but I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and my eyes are crossing. I'm seriously just getting LOST! Please tell me I'm not alone in this - anybody with a dependable road map or GPS to point me in the right direction??? Cheers, all <3

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JudeP Premium
One step at a time, you're doing just fine :)
Michelle04 Premium
Hi. First of all, try and stick right to the training. If you are going through Bootcamp, follow through a lesson to the end, without getting sidetracked by blogs and other things.

After you have finished whatever lesson(s) you are planning to do for the day, then take time to look at blogs and other trainings that are of interest to you.

WA saves your place, so you can always click on the black Affiliate Bootcamp tab and it will take you right back to where you left off.

Remember, this is not a race. We all take it at our own speed, and we all reach the finish line at some point.

It is very easy to be overwhelmed with all the information available here. It does get easier with time though. Also, you don't need to look at and respond to all of the WA email you are getting. :)
onlinejim Premium
Hi. my advice is set yourself a daily goal. Even 1 lesson a day. STICK TO THIS!!. When you have your goal reached reply to any comments etc.

Remember the lessons are your path to success-everything else is secondary.
caisaki Premium
Work at your own pace - there's no need to rush really, and haste makes you miss important points altogether. Don't worry, you'll get used to your excitement and calm down a bit eventually.

Good luck and have fun on your WA journey :)