Can your dog tell time? Ours can!

Last Update: April 16, 2016

I've spent the better part of this afternoon working on building my site. I joined premium about 3 weeks ago, intending to jumpstart my experience here and learn everything I could, as fast as possible - and guess what? Life got in the way! So what's new? The good thing is - I haven't panicked. It's been really good, getting email notifiers from WA when somebody publishes a blog or makes a comment. I scroll through them each day, trying to read 5-10 of them at a time. Helps me continue to feel connected to the community here, and that helps keep the positive energy flowing. So, when I got a bit overwhelmed trying to remember all the steps to building a WP site, I decided to take a break and come here to write for a bit . . . maybe I can encourage someone, too.

We have a chocolate lab - she will be seven years old soon . . . oh, this week in fact! She's the best dog ever, but (like most labs) she absolutely lives for food. She's very patient in the mornings - she'll wait until one of us is up before she eats, no matter how long that takes. But in the afternoon, I swear she tells time. When the clock says 4:12 pm, suddenly she's there - in your line of sight, sitting with her ears perked, staring into your face. It's time to eat. If you are otherwise occupied she'll wait patiently for a bit, but pretty soon she's panting and pacing, then pawing, then dancing around in circles trying to get your attention. People who train dogs would scold us for allowing her to be so rude, but when you've got a dog who allows a one year old baby to be her "Alpha", who sleeps by the door until everyone is home safe for the night, and who snores so peacefully that it'll put you to sleep as well - who cares if her stomach can tell the time? She's the best!

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Genie3733 Premium
My Mother had a friend that had Burmese cats. The cats knew the time. My Mother's friend would call her cats on the phone and tell them what time she would be home. (This was in the days of phones with receivers). The cats would knock the receiver off the phone, meow into the phone and the lady would tell them when she expected to be home. If she was more than 15 minutes later than the time she told the cats she would be home they set up a howling that brought a neighbor over to check on them. The neighbor would contact whoever was necessary to determine if the cat owner was okay. For a single lady with a good neighbor, the cat's abilities to tell time, along with other talents, was a real lifesaver.
JudeP Premium
Oh what a gorgeous pic! My cat is exactly the same, he gets fed his tea at 5pm and I swear he knows when that is. He will miaow and hover and climb on you until you respond to his needs! :)