Why you should keep going.

Last Update: December 02, 2016

What I've learned so far and my challenges 3 and 6 months out.Well I started out all gung ho .....but a month out started to fade a little- procrastinate- I remember reading posts that mentioned keep a regular schedule and contribute week by week -somehow I got bogged down and slowed down to a halt this summer. Not good but a learning experience because once I started posting more and using low hanging fruit keywords- I started getting into it .....now I'm hooked on posting and am starting to see my website as a really interesting part of my personality and its really starting to take shape.

One of my challenges is that my website is not ultra focused alternative health is one of the 2nd or 3rd largest topics for websites and I may have to focus down more into my niche.

One thing I really enjoy is finding pictures and even taking my own pictures for my site I took one myself of olive oil and supplements and several others-sometimes on wikipedia commons they just don't have the pictures you want -well I have found it fun to take my own!

My goals for the next 3 months is 1.to get better rankings in google-2. maybe getting a moneymaking product on my site3. and to publish much more content.

Thanks For Reading Martin

PS you will read many high ranking members saying keep on going -its true if you can keep up a good pace of posting and researching you will learn faster and now fall behind and realize like me I should have gotten to this point faster -but hey at least I'm here now !!!!!!!!

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Chauleb97 Premium
This is absolutely 100% true. I just started this program about a week ago and I was super excited and jittery about if. I've actually started to slow down a little bit, not be as focused. So I can really relate to this.
MJKells Premium
All I can say is if you can keep up a steady routine of time spent per week you will come out a year later with much more accomplished keep going best of luck !