Everything is Hot!

Last Update: July 07, 2017

So, the other day my son and I decided to do some blacksmithing, tent stakes for camping was the item of choice. After a little while the forge was burning hot, the tongs we needed were out, and the hammer rack was in place, time to hammer steel! Since we were forging tent stakes we needed twelve of them the shop was a flurry of activity. My son was heating and hammering two stakes in rotation, as was I. After a bit I decided to cut more metal needed for the rest of the stakes and quit paying attention to the steel my son was working on. When I came back from cutting I picked up what appeared to be a piece of cold steel, to my dismay it was very hot and instantly seared my flesh like a cold steak on a hot grill! I quickly doused my hand into the cooling bucket to remove the heat from my flesh but I was still to late to prevent damage. I was done smithing for at least a week, because I couldn't hold the hammer properly.

My son then said "You forgot the first rule Dad."

"Yep" I replied.

"Everything is hot in a Smith shop." He said.

I found myself wondering how I could forget this, as I try to show my son by example. I realized that I had become unfocused and busy with other task instead of concentrating on the one at hand. I then realized that this can be applied to Wealthy Affiliate also. It is very easy to get sidetracked and pulled away from the training modules. Its very easy to say 'I'll catch up tomorrow.' soon to be four or five days behind on training, blogs and follow up emails. So the lesson from my blacksmithing mishap is now a lesson for all of us.

Stay focused on the task at hand; continue your training, your site building, your follow up emails because Everything is Hot!

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Thanks for sharing! All the best going forward with your business.