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February 19, 2018
So here I am again, I've finally made it back. Even though I've been here a few years now, I've been away for what seems like forever!!So, I decided to start from the beginning AGAIN! The enthusiasm in Kyle's voice as he talks about WA is contagious & I am in need of some Motivation!! Wealthy Affiliate Rocks! There's NO better place.
How's that for a title?? Seriously though, it is a word of advice. First off, this could only be my luck...Last night in the early morning hours, I heard the strangest noise outside. It almost sounded like a child but it kinda sounded a little bit like a sick turkey. I ran outside to see what it was & much to my surprise, I FOUND MY PUPPY "PIGLET" WITH HER HEAD STUCK INSIDE THE RIM OF A TRUCK TIRE! And it wasn't the center hole... it wa
August 23, 2017
It will not hurt your face to SMILE! In fact, a friendly smile can go a long way. Someone may be having a bad day & everything seems 2 be going wrong for them- until they cross paths with someone who flashes them a big ole Smile. And amazingly, they start to feel better, they begin to think more positive & they even give a smile to another person. Before you know it, everyone's Smiling.Let
June 02, 2017
I am writing this post to remind everyone that it doesn't take much to change someone's entire day! A smile, a kind word, opening a door, letting a car get hru in busy traffic, any act of kindness you do has a positive reaction on down the line.Today, I wasn't in the best of spirits UNTIL I signed into WA and got to reading some of the messages I'd gotten on my profile page.They were all vvery nice & helpful. Then, I read this one from TheBuilder, it
While I was doing my work today, I was kinda at a loss for ideas; so, I decided to make me a Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cone! As I sat here enjoying it, I was "racking" my brain trying to think of what to say...... I noticed my pet duck "Skipper" just kept on quacking & hollering. When I checked on him he was going crazy wanting out of his little
September 10, 2016
Hi, everyone! I'm still hangin' in here at Wealthy Affiliate. Still doing lessons and working hard.Still get stuck a little, but thanks to the whole WA family, my questions get answered. Thanks again to everyone who's offered their expertise...I certainly appreciate it very much!Check out my site if you get a chance, please.
April 17, 2016
yes, it's true, I'm as country as can be. I wouldn't change it for anything. My backyard is the mountains & my nearest friends are all my animals!with that being said, just because I'm country doesn't mean that I can't be successful.I'm a force to be reckoned with! lolOn a more serious note- I'd like to send out a big "thanks" to everyone here @ Wealthy Affiliate. It's always nice to know that no matter what crazy idea I have or what I'm trying to do- I've always got a helping hand from al
April 14, 2016
Our Smile is our "logo",our Personality is our "business card",how we leave others feeling after having an experience with our "Trademark"!
March 24, 2016
So today I started out spinning my wheels. Got ready to do some more WA lessons & work on my blog. When I got ready to jot down a few notes- I couldn't find my pen, so I got up & rounded up 3. Every darn one I tried WOULD NOT write!! Went out to my vehicle- no pen; looked in my purse-no pen. Finally found a carpenter pencil on the work bench & wouldn't you know, it was cracked & the led had fallen out.I decided to go to store & get one. (25 min. away) Got back, sit down to
August 10, 2015
Hey everybody! I'm still hangin' in here @ WA. I am STILL very thankful that I found this place. I'm sending out a sincere thank you to EVERYONE in the community. Without all of you, I'd probably still be in the same boat that I was when I joined. But as of today, I've docked that little paddle boat & moved up to a bass boat! Now all I need some help w/ is MAKING SOME MONEY !!! Right now, just 2 cov