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Last Update: March 04, 2015

Okay. Now I have started giving others feedback on websites and feel slightly more adept at making improvements on my own but still not as well as I feel would be ideal.

I wish to share a stronger, better point with you all by spreading the word that I am willing to ghostwrite for other WA members for pay. I like people to be generous within their means towards me with respect to pay rates.

You can visit my website to get some idea of my natural personal writing style. Right now I believe it is called "Because you need a ghostwriter". There is some relevant content there.

I would like viewer comments about every aspect of the site including the affiliate adverts and the way my own product links look to potential customers.

Presently my question is: how do we get widgets to connect and what do I need to change to begin to get traffic to the site?

All comments welcome. Thanks so much.

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MsDebbie Premium
It will never be as ideal as we would like it to be. The idea and training here is not to work for others but us to be independent. Really we aren't supposed to advertise for ourselves here - just an fyi.
You may want to consider reading the rules here at WA.