Good Reasons For Choosing Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: February 23, 2018

In the past, if you wanted to increase your income, you had only two options. Either get a higher paying job or start your own brick and mortar business. The internet has opened better possibilities as far as starting a business. Here are some good reasons for choosing affiliate marketing.

There are numerous opportunities out there when dealing with working online. Affiliate marketing has proven to be the most popular. While there are a multitude of reasons, the most prevalant is the small start-up investment. Next would be, very little technical knowledge is needed.

Defining Affiliate Marketing

Simply put, you the affiliate marketer, promote another persons products or services. When someone clicks the affiliate link, they are taken to the vendors website. That person makes a purchase from that website and you get a commission for directing them to the website.

From an affiliate marketer's stand point, there are now hassles with managing products, inventory or dealing with customer service. All of these responsibilities lie with the vendor or creator of the product. The only thing the affiliate marketer does is drive website traffic to an affiliate link and collect a commission if or when a sale is made.

Getting Started

Look for an affiliate network. When I say affiliate network I mean a site where you can go and register as an affiliate. Such sites would be Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior+ and Clicksure. These sites list thousands of products, mostly digital, that you can look over and choose to promote.

Now here's where the real work comes in. After you register, find an affiliate product to promote. When you find that product, start your keyword research. Whether if you're using Free Traffic or Paid Traffic, Keyword research is necessary. Google has a keywords tool that is free to use.

Google keyword tool will tell you how competitive the keywords you pick around the product you're promoting. It will show you how many times that keyword is searched and if it will be easy to rank.

My bad I didn't go into to actually keyword. Say for instance, you are promoting dog training. Dog Training is the keyword for what you are about to promote. And no, it's not that simple. It may be necessary to dig a little deeper into your keyword choice. Like what type of dog and what type of training. Narrowing things down to specifics can open more profitable niches.

A better way to go, would be, to get the proper training in affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate offers such an awesome training. Learn the basics and get a better understanding about Keyword Research using their own Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

If you are getting into Affiliate Marketing, just know that it has it's own rewards.

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Great post, Miles, Affiliate marketing has opened the doors for many people to enhance their lifestyles. Weare fortunate to be able to tap into the knowledge and resources that are here in Wealthy Affiliate.