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Ok not really success but making some little cash. Not bad for a newbie. So you all read last time how my 1st Amazon check was for 200$ well this one will be over 400$. With little to no effort. (darn I wish my wife would do this full time). The ROI is pretty good too. This could have been way better if I had only written down my tracking number on my Amazon shipping invoice. My shipment arrived at FBA on the 20th of December but everything showed up in inventory on the 26 of December WTF
December 18, 2013
Yup and the bad news is that I did not have a lot of product which really makes me mad. I love the motto "Go hard or don't go at all" and I went in soft :P My first ever shipment arrived at Amazon December 10 and I sold pretty much everything in 7 days. The problem was that I only had a few Items (16 out of 17 items sold). I should be getting a nice check of over 300$ from Amazon YIPPIE. Amazon received my 2nd shipment (40 items) yesterday and i can't wait for IT to start selling. I just hope
December 11, 2013
Good evening i just got some emails from sales i made on Amazon. Sold for 126$ of stuff i bought for 25$. Yeah that is great profit. Too bad i did not have more of what i sold. Those emails are great and even gets me a lttle excited. I cant wait till tomorrow. My subscription page is up, i cant wait for my next post. I can just hope to get as many visits and that it will bring in some sign ins. RANKED 94th on WA. Where is my prize. This is very good cuz i like what WA brings to me. I s
So you have heard of my 1st sale (electronic bridge game) and today i sold my second item. You wont beleive it but it was the book The Secret. Remember it was the big craze a couple of years ago. I picked up a copy at a thrift store for .50 and sold on Amazon for 8.99. From from being rich but hey it's only been 2 months. My toy shipment should be showing up on amazon fba tomorow.... I hope... For my site, i have been getting some visits, 267 new in last 30 days, mostly from reddit and dire
November 30, 2013
I thought I would share with you where I am at after 2 months of being an IM. Ok maybe not an IMer yet but I will get there because I really like this. I am thinking about changing my nick to "completely lost" instead of mikpj. No just kidding. Read on and you will understand: I did some thrift shopping and bought a whole bunch of stuff to sell on ebay+amazon. (mostly books and toys) I got my first official bid yesterday on a product that I have on ebay. (bought for 3.99 and got a bid of
November 24, 2013
Yup I have decided to start building an email list from my site. You all know that I am all over the place when it comes to IM. The only IM I will be keeping for 100% certainty is WA and niche/blog marketing. I honestly think email marketing is great. The way I want to start would be not to only send out some buy this and buy that email but make it a "google alert" / Try this / I have a new post sorta email. What do you think? I am still working the How am i going to make it look but I hav
ROFL So I am still so very lost in google analytics. I did exactly what Jay said in his training and Reddit got me plenty of traffic. Weeeeeell not plenty but anything higher than 1 is high for a noobie like me. It feels good to see traffic from other people then you guys at WA ;) I like you guys and all but you are not my #1 target. You're like my fanclub, you are the guys that pick me up when I am down, "you are the sunshine of my life, that's why i'll always be around." https://
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November 15, 2013
Finally I am seeing some results. I know for the tougher keyboards it will take longer but some of my posts are ranking on pages 2-3 and 4. I am really happy as you can tell? So my next task for today is to write yet another Street Article. My question is: should my street article link to my main page, my last post or a post that is not yet ranked? I will try and write my SA tonight, that will be 2 articles written in 1 day. Plus I changed our dryer, cut the final step to go down to the bas
November 13, 2013
Hello to all my WA friends. No don't worry I won't ask you to move my whole house or do my laundry for me :) But I really wanted to take a minute to thank some people here on WA. I sometimes thank people here on messages or posts or blogs but this time i thought I would take a minute to shout yup really SHOUT to the WA community all the people that has helped me out. I am still all over
November 01, 2013
Yeah so i wrote my "street articles post and it got approved pretty quickly. It took me a long time to understand: No repeat articles, you need links on other sites, etc. Hey I guess i am still learning. It's just tough to write. I am thinking that maybe a 100% review site would be better for me or just something a little more interesting to me. I have some ideas on my Springpad, now i just have to find the time to make a couple more websites. Oh I can't forget my WA promo site. I haven