Going Premium

Last Update: January 26, 2015

Looking back over the years since I started investing in the world of the internet. I can say I have learned some lessons, gain some experience, loss some money, got played, conned, in debt, and heart broken.

The one thing I do know is that there is "Money and Freedom" to be gain within ''The Internet Bussiness" and that what keeps me going at it.

The "Money" is not just to make me a rich man, but to help my family out. Put some away for my grandchildren's education, tithe more, help my church commuity, be a bless to someone.

The "Freedom" to stop being a slave to someone else and making them rich with that 9 to 5 that so called J.O.B keeping us Just Over Broke. No, no, and hell no. I'm not taking this any more. This freedom that the internet offer will allow one to do what they want to do. You're "your own BOSS." You make your schedule. I heard you can make as much money as you want to make and make it while you're sleeping.

Now, lets not get it twisted, there's a long road ahead and there maybe some bumps along the way. But I've put in to much time to let this whoop me.

So, there's an old saying that say "you get what you pay for and lets face it, free, is it worth it? when you can pay and get something much greater.

Going Premium without a doubt. Sure WA offers the option of going free with two website and?

Next month I'm going yearly. From $47.00 to $29.00 you can't beat that with baseball bat.

Let's win this!


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PastorTae Premium
congratulations. I went yearly too.