How Do You Write A Blog Post When You're Not An Expert

Last Update: February 26, 2018

How do you write a blog post when you don't feel like you are qualified to help people online?

Online marketing, especially when learning affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate, can also be called content marketing. That's because we write and publish an awful lot of content onto the web in an effort to market our website, and help people solve problems.

The problem most of us have is that we're not really experts in our niche when we start writing. But as content marketers it's imperative that we write blog post after blog post, so how do you get started?

Well, you become an expert by researching and then writing post for your blog. And it's much easier, and faster than you think — with a system in place.

Here's a great way to research for and write post for your niche.

1. Decide on a keyword phrase that people are searching for online.

2. Open a browser, I usually use Google Chrome, and type or paste the keyword phrase into the search bar and hit enter.

To get more refined results you can include quotation marks on both ends of your keyword. Let's say my keyword is "beds for dogs with arthritis". I would put that in the browser exactly like that with the Quotes around it.

Another technique I like to use is this - allintitle:beds for dogs with arthritis. I merely type allintitle, then the : and then the keyword.

3. Now that I have that done, I need to go through the first and maybe the second page of results, picking out enticing titles and meta descriptions and clicking on them to open each in a different tab.

So, here you are with a browser open and several tabs open with different articles about your keyword. Depending on my knowledge of the subject, and how many good results I find, I may have as many as 10 different tabs open to different articles.

However after going through each one of them, I usually pick out about 3 of my favorites and close the rest.

4. Now your job is to thoroughly read the 3 or 4 blog post you've chosen and learn all you can from them. Take careful note of how each post is formatted, and subtitled with H tags.

When you first start writing blog post and don't know so much about the niche topics, you may need to read and research more post than I have mentioned. But you don't want to get caught up in spending your life researching for one article.

A browser full of post, glancing over each, and then choosing the best ones is all research on your part. In fact, it's no different than if you went to the library and carried an arm load of books to a table to study.

You won't have to research and write very many post before you are the expert in your niche - if you keep at it.

5. With your top 3 -4 choices open, open up your favorite place to write. Here at WA, Site Editor is a great choice because it is designed to help you become a great writer quickly, and keep you from plagiarizing someone else's post with it's built in duplicate content checker.

And it's important for you to know that I am not asking you to copy someone else's work. But rather to research from their post, as if your were researching in an encyclopedia and then write your own research paper about the keyword: your own post.

6. After reading for a few minutes, you can now write sub titles or H tags ( or just bolded ) for your post, because no ne likes to read a 1000+ word block of text.

One way to think of sub titles is to consider that you are breaking your post up into little chapters.

You never want your paragraphs to be more than 2, maybe sometimes 3 sentences, long. And if you have a bolded line or an H tag every few paragraphs your readers will love your post. ( when you're new to writing blog post spend time learning how the post you are reading online are broken up with bolded lines and sub titles )

By writing your sub titles first, you can see the direction your post is going before you begin. This is important, because you want your post to easily flow from the first opening paragraph to the last concluding paragraph.

How to Become an Expert in Your Niche

It's important to remember that anyone searching the web for information or review post, have the same exact access to search engines as you do.

If they were so inclined they could take the time to do exactly what I just outlined. But the fact is that people don't want to do research, but expect you to do the research and report back to them on your findings.

Because they rely on your post for information, it's important that you publish good content with reliable information. The information that you just researched.

The more post you research and write, the more natural expertise you have to share. But in truth, your first post will likely have more knowledge about the topic than your reader knows.

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Cath88 Premium

This is such a well-thought article that can help (and teach) many of us how to do things in a methodical way.

Some of it comes to me pretty easily for me (in my niche) because of my passion on the subject and all the reading I had done in the past, but there are still those things that I have to research further to clarify for validity.

Thanks SO much for this awesome post!

Hi-Im-Fran Premium
Great article, Mike!
AffilateMAN Premium
Thank you dear Mike
It helps me alot, this is something special .
MKearns Premium
I live eat sleep and breathe blogging and closing in on 1500 WA blogs I'm here to tell you. Mastery comes with practice!
VickiG Premium
Great blog I do research and find as many answers as I can and with my own experience I put sown what I know and some of what I have learned. Thank you Vicki